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Let the celebrator know that it’s not just her birthday –it is the BIG DAY! And while you’re at it, surprise her with a same day delivery of her very own birthday bouquet from Lily’s Florist.

We understand how gift shopping can be both a thrill and a pressure at the same time. We know you want only the best for your loved ones –something that will flip their hearts upside-down and say, "This is the best gift ever!" We are also aware that you don't always have the time to go gift-searching, and that you often run out of brilliant gift ideas. We’ve got you covered on this. Lily’s Florist has countless variants of birthday flowers that are as impressive as any expensive material gifts.

For mom will always be boys’ first love and girls’ best friend forever, she deserves an exceptional treat on her special day. Get her a birthday bouquet as gorgeous as her like Jade. Large white oriental lilies, alstroemeria, and crème roses look stunning in between captivating deep blue foliage arranged in an elegant cobalt blue glass vase. Jade is a fitting present for royalties and Mom will feel like the queen that she is once she gets her hands on this gorgeous.

She is accustomed to receiving flowers from you on occasions like Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, and even on random days. But that doesn’t mean you can’t impress her with one on her birthday. Fall In Love bouquet is just the right birthday gift for your better half without falling short on the romantic side. It is a passionate ensemble of pink lilies, red roses, pink asters, lavender waxflowers, assorted pittsporum, and burgundy copper beech leaves. Hand delivered in a stylish plum glass vase with matching burgundy satin ribbon, Fall In Love is ready to melt the birthday girl’s heart.

Your boss probably has everything already, but you still want to give her an impressive gift on her birthday. A chic display of exotic plants like our Fashionista is a no-fail present for hard-to-please recipients like the tough lady boss that you admire so much. It is our designer’s arrangement featuring vibrant yellow, orange, and white flowering potted plants in a bed of lush greeneries. Fashionista is made even more fashionable with its sleek, dark rectangular vase that ended up looking both sophisticated and formal.

Looking for a gender-neutral gift for your male boss or an important client? We recommend our Zen Basket, which is as business-looking as the Fashionista, but features more masculine design. Unlike the Fashionista, Zen Basket is a tranquil arrangement of green plants with appealing accents of river rocks and natural river cane. Now you’ve got a mini Zen garden.

You can never go wrong when ordering from Lily’s Florist. We don’t just sell flowers, we incorporate passion and thoughtful messages in every arrangement that we create. Lucky you, our flowers are now available on demand as we offer same day delivery straight to your recipient’s address. Orders can be made via phone or online, saving you time and gas as you don’t need to travel to our physical stores. Payments are made equally convenient with credit cards and PayPal.

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