Best Get Well Flowers For Someone Who is Sick

Best Get Well Flowers For Someone Who is Sick

Bringing flowers to someone who is sick or recovering shows that you are thinking of them. It can cheer them up and brighten their space during a difficult time. This thoughtful gift has been common in many cultures for ages.

Receiving flowers lets the person know they have the support of family, friends, or community members during their illness or hospital stay. It helps people feel remembered and cared for.

Flowers also provide beauty that may be lacking from a bare hospital or bedroom. Their pleasant natural scents and vibrant colors can boost a patient's mood. Soft petals provide gentle sensory stimulation as well.

So while medicine heals the body, flowers can provide emotional and mental lifts. The symbolism, fragrances, colors and temporary beauty offer nurturing qualities to the human spirit. That's why people still turn to flowers as "get well soon" gifts just like in ancient times.

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What to Consider When Choosing Get Well Flowers

Selecting the perfect flowers for someone recovering involves a few key considerations beyond basic beauty. Prioritize uplifting and caring symbolism, cheerfulness inspiration, manageable care/maintenance, and ideal timing based on the situation.

Types of Flowers

Choose blooms promoting happiness or conveying supportive meanings like:

  • Sunflowers, daisies or tulips - simple cheerful flower shapes
  • Roses and lilies - classic floral favorites
  • Gerbera daisies - bold, uplifting colors
  • Orchids - symbolic of strength and healing
  • Carnations - represent love and affection


Factor in favorite hues or aim for shades with positive connotations:

  • Recipient's favorite personal colors
  • Cheery, energizing yellow and red
  • Soothing pastel pink or orange

Size and Maintenance

Consider reasonable size and care aspects:

  • Small to medium arrangements - easily manageable
  • Long-lasting durable types - extended enjoyment
  • Flowers in vases or boxes - safe containment

Timing and Messages

Pick appropriate situations before visiting:

  • Wait until patient is settled and stable
  • Verify facility flower polices first
  • Include a short encouraging note - amplifies sentiment

Flowers to Avoid Sending to Someone Who Is Sick

get well flowers and gifts to avoid

Some floral types or traits raise issues for certain health situations - skip gifting these get well recipients:

Issue Flower & Gift Types


While lilies are undeniably beautiful, they are often associated with funerals and mourning. Sending lilies to someone who is sick or recovering may send the wrong message and could even be seen as insensitive. It's best to opt for more cheerful and uplifting blooms that don't carry such heavy symbolism.

Heavily Perfumed Flowers or Gifts

Some flowers, like lilies, gardenias, and jasmine, have a strong fragrance that can be overwhelming, especially in a confined space like a hospital room. For people with allergies or sensitivities to strong scents, these flowers can cause discomfort, headaches, or even respiratory issues. When in doubt, choose mildly scented or unscented flowers to avoid any potential problems.

High Maintenance Flowers

When someone is sick or recovering, they may not have the energy or ability to care for high-maintenance flowers. Blooms that require frequent water changes, pruning, or other special care can quickly become a burden for the recipient or hospital staff. Stick with hardy, low-maintenance options that can thrive with minimal attention.

Large, Crowded Arrangements 

Hospital rooms are often small and cramped, with limited space for personal items. Sending a large or overly crowded floral arrangement can be impractical and may even interfere with medical equipment or the patient's mobility. Choose compact, streamlined arrangements that can fit comfortably on a bedside table or windowsill without taking up too much space.

Latex Containing Gifts

Some floral arrangements may include decorative elements like balloons or ribbons that contain latex. For individuals with latex allergies, exposure to latex could trigger a reaction. To be safe, avoid sending any arrangements with latex components, and go for latex-free alternatives instead.

Alternative Get Well Gifts

These popular presents provide cheer without common plant-based allergens or extra care duties:

Potted Plants

Mini rose bushesorchids or succulents in decorative planters give long lasting joy.

Care Packages

Baskets with cozy blanketsbookspuzzleshealthy snacks or uplifting movies entertain.

Personalized Gifts

Custom plush animalscraft kitshandmade cards, or other items reflecting patient hobbies show extra thought.

Explore alternatives if flowers pose issues for health or environment. Food treats, engaging activities, comfy items, and meaningful mementos help time pass smoothly for those stuck healing in place. Know patient interests to select appropriate personalized pick me ups.

History of Giving Get Well Flowers

Ancient cultures used flowers to provide healing benefits long before modern medicine. Documents from Egyptian, Greek and Roman societies suggest they decorated sick areas with pleasant smelling or symbolic blooms.

During the Middle Ages era around the 15th century, Turkish culture influenced the popularity of "floriography". This involved flower symbolism and using bouquet arrangements to encode secret messages.

The custom of sending coded floral bouquets grew widely across England’s Victorian era in the 1800s. Back then, flowers conveyed special nonverbal meanings.

Certain flowers relayed well wishes to people who were unwell. Examples include iris flowers representing hope or encouragement. Sending lilies and gladiolas conveyed empathy. Carnations expressed devoted affection and jonquils represented desire for affection returned. Even early "get well soon" gifts held symbolic floral meanings.

Today people mainly focus on bright colors and pleasant natural fragrances when selecting flowers to give someone healing from illness or injury. But echoes of old floral symbolism and thoughtful sentiment remain.

If you are considering sending get well flowers and you need some advice please feel free to give one of you experts a call today on 800 946-5457


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