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Same Day Delivery
Same Day Delivery
Same Day Delivery
Same Day Delivery

Something red, something blue, something scented, and something new.

How do you choose a gift for someone? You may think of many choices, and those can all be great gifts! But, to save you time from thinking about your recipient’s preferences, you can always consider sending flower gifts for every occasion. Best decision ever.

Picture this, you receive a last-minute invitation to attend a colleague’s birthday party and you don’t have enough time to figure out what could be the gift the celebrator would want – so what do you do? You buy something that would never fail to make someone smile and feel thankful on their birthday, Lily’s Florists Gift Baskets are just the right choice for your gifting needs.

A gift worth a thousand hearts

Anytime the special days are nearing, like Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, our florists squeeze their creative juices double time just to provide you with a complete package of gift baskets that offer irresistible treats for your recipient. These can be sent to your loved ones and friends the same day if the need is urgent or ordered for a pre=scheduled event.

When you order, get ready to choose well and wisely because you are going to have a hard time for sure in selecting just one basket for your recipient. Everything is nice but rest assured that there are enough options to find out which gift basket suits your recipient’s preferences the best.

Lily’s Florist have put together the beauty of flowers and the delectable food offering in some baskets and dedicated the other food-only gift baskets to be paired with your chosen hand-arranged bouquet – what a spectacular treat, right? All you need to do now is go online and order from our website, and let Lily’s Florist make help you make someone’s day fabulous.

For a flower-fruit gift combo, you can choose Health Fruit & Nut Basket or Poinsettia & Lush Fruit Basket for a healthier holiday season. And when your recipient is someone who enjoys a laidback and sporty kind of gift, 3 Strikes Ballgame Basket is the number one option. Chocolate lovers would definitely say hooray when you send them Opulent Indulgence – the sweetness is at par with the scent of our flowers. And for the finale – our combo of healthy and heartful, Gourmet Fruit Basket and our Gourmet Basket, all set to make your recipient’s tummy throw a party!