Choosing Sympathy Flowers

Choosing Sympathy Flowers

Choosing Sympathy & Funeral Flowers 

The passing of a loved one is an incredibly difficult and emotionally heavy time. Sending funeral flowers serves as a thoughtful gesture to express condolences and provide some comfort to grieving family and friends. Choosing the right sympathy bouquet or arrangement is an important decision - these floral tributes reflect on the receiver's relationship with the deceased and can convey distinct sentiments depending on the type and color of blooms selected.

When opting for funeral flowers delivery, consider the personality and life of the individual who passed for a more tailored and meaningful gift. For example, using bright and cheery gerbera daisies for an upbeat person versus delicate orchids for a gentle soul. Beyond the flowers themselves, including a heartfelt note with your own memories or touching words for the bereaved can make a significant impact.

This guide covers everything from common funeral home flower etiquette to creative ideas beyond traditional arrangements and how to best display these remembrance flowers. Whether choosing wreaths, standing sprays, or casket blankets locally or ordering same-day delivery online, we breakdown popular selections and helpful tips for selecting floral arrangements that speak volumes. Take the guesswork out of gifting during bereavement and learn how to leverage the language of flowers to craft sentimental symphony of memorial blooms.

Understanding the Symbolism of Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers carry special meaning and significance - the varieties and colors selected represent different sentiments and personality traits of the deceased. Here are some of the most common funeral blooms to inform your tribute floral bouquet or arrangement:

  • Roses - Often used to signify love, appreciation and respect. Red roses honor admiration whereas white roses evoke purity, innocence and spirituality.
  • Lilies - Associated with rejuvenation of the soul and rebirth. Stargazer lilies specifically represent sympathy and are a popular funeral flower choice.
  • Carnations - Signify fond remembrance and sweetness. White carnations are linked to pure love and good luck, while pink blooms represent gratitude.
  • Chrysanthemums - Symbolize optimism, joy and long life. These funeral flowers communicate loyalty and hope. Pompon varieties are most common.
  • Orchids- Convey beauty, strength and refinement. Cattleya orchids represent mature charm and are suitable for dignified memorial services.
  • Gladioli - Associated with sincerity, strength of character and natural grace. These tall blooms also symbolize remembrance.

Take symbolism into account based on the personality and essence of the deceased. For example, cheery sunflowers for a bright presence versus stately calla lilies for a more serious, formal individual. Use this floral language to craft meaningful bereavement bouquets.

From traditional wreaths and sprays to standing displays, there are many types of memorial flower arrangements to choose from. Consider the setting and space available at the funeral home or service.

  • Wreaths - Circular and representing eternity or continuity of life. These are displayed near caskets or entryways. Funeral wreaths feature symmetrical round shapes formed with roses, carnations, mums and foliage.
  • Sprays - Asymmetrical arrangements placed directly on top of caskets, designed to cascade softly down the sides. Key funeral spray flowers include gladioli, roses, carnations, statice and alstroemeria.
  • Standing Sprays - Large displays on easels featuring blossoms like lilies, snapdragons, delphinium and stocks. Excellent for sending to the funeral parlor.
  • Casket Blankets - Covers the closed portion of a casket in blossoms. White roses and greenery such as ferns or ivy are popular.
  • Bouquets - Hand-held bundles like crosses, hearts or kites allowing the bereaved to take funeral flowers home after the burial service.

Consider personalization with themes highlighting the deceased's hobbies, favorite sports team, or patriotic tributes. Order locally from florists or use same-day delivery services. 

Choosing Flowers That Reflect the Deceased's Personality

One of the most thoughtful ways to select funeral flowers is to have the arrangements reflect the personality and spirit of the departed loved one.

For an upbeat, vibrant person, choose a bright, cheery bouquet featuring:

  • Gerbera Daisies - Symbolize innocence and purity
  • Sunflowers - Represent warmth, happiness, and adoration
  • Birds of Paradise- Indicate joyfulness and magnificence

For a gentle, kind soul, pastel tones and delicate blooms like these are fitting:

  • Sweet Peas - Convey delicate pleasure and departure after good times
  • Hydrangea - Signify heartfelt emotions and understanding
  • Iris - Represent cherished friendship and hope

If the deceased had a favorite sports team or passion, incorporate thematic funeral flowers with:

  • Team colors and mascot flowers
  • Blooms or plants related to their occupation or hobby
  • Patriotic red-white-blue arrangements for veterans

Customizing the funeral flowers in this fashion creates an incredibly personalized, meaningful tribute to cherish in memory. 

In the heart of times of sorrow and remembrance, Lily's Florist presents a compassionate selection of sympathy and funeral flowers, meticulously curated to express heartfelt condolences and support. Our collection, showcased in the table above, encompasses a range of floral tributes from the vibrant Bright Sunrise Bouquet, symbolizing new beginnings, to the serene Bliss Serene Bouquet, and the dignified Distinction arrangement, each crafted with the utmost care and sensitivity. These offerings are not just flowers; they are a testament to the memories and legacies of loved ones, designed to bring comfort and solace to grieving hearts in Tuscaloosa, AL. With same-day delivery, Lily's Florist ensures that these expressions of sympathy and support are conveyed when they are needed the most, providing a touch of beauty and warmth during times of mourning. Explore our selection to find the perfect arrangement that resonates with your sentiments, and let us help you honor the memory of those dearly missed.

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Sending Condolences Through Flower Colors

Beyond the type of bloom, the hue and color of funeral flowers also carries special meaning that can communicate distinct sentiments when expressing condolences:

  • White flowers - Convey innocence, purity and spirituality. White lilies, roses, and carnations express deepest sympathy.
  • Pink flowers - Signify gentle gratitude, grace, and admiration. Pink roses, tulips, gladiolus and carnations relay appreciation.
  • Yellow flowers - Represent warmth, friendship and care. Yellow chrysanthemums, daisies and roses gift emotional support.
  • Purple flowers - Indicate dignity, pride and success. Lavender and violet shades of common funeral flowers express respect.
  • Blue flowers - Symbolize tranquility, peace and comfort. Blue delphinium, iris or hydrangea offer soothing sentiments.
  • Orange/Peach flowers - Show enthusiasm, vibrancy and energy. Gerbera daisies or roses display celebration of life.

Consider a mixed, pastel-toned arrangement to convey an array of heartfelt condolences - or make a bold statement with a vibrant, single-color standing spray reflecting a key personality trait of the departed. 

When to Send Sympathy Flowers

Deciding when to send funeral flowers is just as important as choosing how to best express your condolences.

The most common times to send bereavement bouquets include:

  • Before the funeral service - Flowers delivered to the funeral home bring comfort to families while they receive guests and pay respects to the deceased during the wake or viewing.
  • On the day of the funeral - Standing sprays and large wreaths arrive to surround the casket and display within the funeral venue.
  • After the burial - Sympathy arrangements sent to the family's home are cherished mementos from the funeral, allowing them to take the emotional support of flowers with them.
  • One week after services - Grieving families appreciate continued connection after everyone has returned home and the initial support fades.
  • On the anniversary of passing - Annual standing tributes on the anniversary are comforting symbols of ongoing remembrance and that their loved one is not forgotten.

For unexpected deaths or tragedies, express care and condolences with same-day flower delivery. Overall, displaying funeral flowers at key times demonstrates meaningful, lasting support

Accompanying Your Arrangement with a Personal Note

Including a personalized note with funeral flowers allows you to share heartfelt sentiments and connect more deeply with the grieving family. Need card writing help?

Handwritten notes deliver a human touch - they do not need to be lengthy, but should aim to:

  • Offer sincere condolences for their loss
  • Highlight a special memory or positive story about the deceased
  • Include a specific message of support and encouragement

Alternatively, select a meaningful sympathy card with a pre-printed poem or verse that resonates - you can still customize and sign this. Notes should be addressed directly to surviving members or relatives.

Accompanying statements that are personal, express fond remembrances, share in their grief, and offer comfort create an overall more thoughtful, tailored funeral flower delivery. Your caring words and willingness to share memories or your favorite traits of the departed individual will be cherished. 

Caring for Sympathy Flowers

To help funeral flowers and arrangements last longer for families to enjoy, follow these best practices:

  • Display bouquets out of direct sunlight to prevent premature wilting. Sheltered areas of the home like foyers or dining tables allow the bereaved to cherish arrangements.
  • Recut stems with sharp shears every 2 days. Use floral preservative packets from the florist. Trim thorns off roses to prevent accidentally pricking grieving guests.
  • Refresh water daily and consider adding commercial flower food to encourage further bud opening and longevity of the memorial arrangement.
  • Once flowers expire, dry certain resilient varieties like statice, strawflowers, and asters to preserve in remembrance frames or containers. Or press select flowers between pages of a cherished book.
  • For potted funeral plants like orchids, hydrangea or chrysanthemum blooms, care includes proper watering, indirect sunlight, and plant food. Repot annually.

Taking steps to nourish sympathy bouquets extends enjoyment of their presence, fragrance and the thoughtful sentiments they represent. Drying funeral flowers or pressing them enables continuing connection to beloved memories of the deceased. 

Futher Reading

In times of loss and remembrance, the thoughtful selection of funeral flowers and the heartfelt messages they carry can deeply express condolences and support. Lily's Florist offers comprehensive guidance on navigating these delicate decisions. Discover the importance of card messages in conveying your sympathy, learn how to craft the ideal sympathy floral tribute that resonates with the deceased's memory, and explore the best flowers for a funeral, ensuring your choice honors the departed in the most respectful and meaningful way. These resources aim to assist you in making informed decisions during these emotionally challenging times.

Summing Up - seeds of wisdom

Selecting the perfect funeral flowers serves as a compassionate way to honor a life, convey heartfelt condolences, and comfort the bereaved. Whether ordering an elegant standing spray, vibrant casket blanket, or simple yet touching bouquet, take care to consider the personality and spirit of the departed loved one.

Reflect on your fondest memories together and what their passions were in life. Incorporate favorite colors, flowers with symbolic meaning, and even creative touches like sports themes or patriotic elements into the tribute. The right arrangement speaks volumes through the language and sentiment expressed by your thoughtful floral gift.

From properly expressing sympathy based on culture and faith, to following etiquette on appropriate delivery times, to personalizing your bouquet with a signed note sharing a cherished moment together - each aspect plays an important role. Thoughtfully crafting funeral flowers demonstrates your compassion, offers some light during a dark time, and helps families begin the healing process. Selecting the perfect bespoke arrangement creates a lasting, beautiful memorial of your shared love for the deceased.


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