What Flowers to Get a Girl For Her Birthday

What Flowers to Get a Girl For Her Birthday

Choosing the right flowers for a girl's birthday can really make her day. It shows you care.

Think about what the flowers mean. Daisies show purity, while roses mean love and thanks. Pick the right flowers based on her, and your relationship. This makes the gesture more special.

At Lily's Florist we stock a stack of well thought out, freshly picked, and handmade flowers for her, for her birthday. We wrote this blog post as we get a large amount of enquiries about what types of flowers both through live chat, email and by phone, so we are hoping it helps :).

Types of Flowers to Gift a Girl on Her Birthday

Picking the perfect flowers for a birthday girl shows you care. The right blossoms say I love you, thanks, or happy birthday.

For little girls, pick soft flowers. Bush daisies, white roses, or bright gerberas show innocence. Choose tulips for someone you really love. They come in many colors and mean perfect love.

At big birthdays like 20 or 30, go for premium roses. They come in deep or soft colors. Lilies or orchids also show beauty and grace. For romance, use red roses or orchids. They tell your girlfriend you love her.

For birthdays in spring or summer, try peonies and roses. They symbolize lasting happiness and new beginnings. In fall, choose sunflowers or marigolds. They mean you adore and are loyal to her. Make the bouquet special by adding her favorite flowers or some special touches like ribbons. This makes the gift truly personal. If the girl you are sending flowers to is born in July, please read our recent post on July Birth Flowers.

Symbolism and Meaning Behind Birthday Flowers

Flowers aren't just pretty; they carry deep meanings, making them great birthday gifts. Every birth month has a special set of flowers. For example, January birthdays match with carnations and snowdrops that symbolize admiration, love, and hope.

The colors of flowers add to their meaning. White carnations mean pure love, yellow convey "wish you were here," and red roses show love and passion. For some like daisies, what they stand for changes with their color, from innocence to beauty or secrecy.

Each flower type has its own message. Roses are perfect for love, sunflowers for joy. Peonies bring luck in marriage, lilies symbolize purity, and orchids show exotic beauty and strength.

When picking, think about what each flower means to find a truly special gift. Florists can put together custom bouquets. They can use the right birth month flowers, favorite colors, and symbols for a unique touch.

What Flowers to Get a Girl for Her Coming of Age

A coming-of-age birthday is a big deal, a time when a girl becomes an adult. Gifting a stunning floral arrangement is a perfect way to mark this special day.

Think about a meaningful choice, like a 101-rose bouquet or an elegant flower basket. These gifts will be remembered for years to come, showing your deep feelings. They celebrate the significant moment in her life.

Or you can go for flowers that stand for new starts, like lively sunflowers or bright yellow roses. Their colors represent joy and luck for her new journey into adulthood.

Peonies are also a lovely pick for this occasion, available in pink, white, coral, or burgundy. They mean beauty, luck, and respect, capturing the importance of her coming-of-age. If you’re not sure which flowers to get, remember it's the thought and meaning behind the bouquet that count. Your gift will show your support and love as she steps into this new chapter successfully.

How Many Flowers to Gift for a Girl's Birthday

It's often best to choose 3, 5, or 7 flowers for a birthday gift. These numbers are seen as lucky. Yet, even numbers in a nice arrangement show creativity.

For a simple yet heartfelt gift, go for a 3-5 flower bouquet. This says a lot without being too much. For something bigger, a dozen or more makes quite the impression.

How many flowers you give depends on what you can spend and what she likes. There are many flower types to choose from like roses or lilies, each with a special meaning. For instance, red roses mean love, while pink roses show thanks and admiration.

You can now design the perfect bouquet online. Choose from various flowers and colors. Also, think about the vase. Long-stem roses look great in tall vases. Shorter flowers fit better in bowls.

Don't forget a handwritten note to add a personal touch to your gift. It's important to think about which flowers are in season and local. This ensures a beautiful arrangement that doesn't cost too much.

What Flowers to Get a Girl for Her Birthday in Combination with Roses

Roses are the go-to flower for birthdays. But, you can make them even more special. Adding lilacs, orchids, or peonies to roses creates a beautiful mix of colors and smells. Florists may also add wildflowers or ferns for a unique look.

Not all flowers mix well with roses, though. Carnations, daffodils, and lily of the valley can harm roses. Lily's Florist know which flowers to avoid, ensuring your bouquet lasts long and looks stunning.

The flowers you choose mean a lot. Red roses show love, while pink roses say thank you. Pairing roses with other flowers can personalize your message for the birthday girl.

Think about how long the flowers will stay fresh. Lilies can last 1-2 weeks, and tulips up to 7 days. Choosing flowers that last well ensures the gift stays beautiful for a good while.

What Flowers to Combine with Different Colored Roses

Roses make a perfect gift for birthdays. But, mixing them with other flowers turns your gift into a sentimental flower message. The color of roses means something special. So, picking flowers that match well can say a lot.

White roses stand for purity and elegance. They mix well with wildflowers, lilies, and orchids. Blue hydrangeas add a touch of class to this mix.

Pink roses represent affection and grace. They go perfectly with rhododendrons, hyacinths, and lilies in light colors. This blend feels warm and caring, great for showing someone you care on their birthday.

Red roses shout love and desire. Pair them with white lilies, baby's breath, or light toned flowers. It makes a bold, loving statement that's very memorable.

Yellow roses stand for joy and friendship. They match well with white chrysanthemums and bright flowers. This mix shows happiness and is great for celebrating big moments.

When you choose flowers, think about what each color means. This helps you create a bouquet that feels just right. Let the colors and their meanings lead you to a meaningful sentimental flower message.

You can order flowers for a girls birthday online with Lily's Florist or call now on 800 946-5457 to speak with a flower expert to order, or for really great advice.


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