Best Flowers For a Funeral

Best Flowers For a Funeral

What Flowers Best Capture the Fullness of a Life

Why do tear-stained faces crack faint smiles when greeting funeral flower displays? The petals and stems work silent magic, carrying more power than vibrant blooms let on. Could seemingly simple floral tributes offer insight into life’s profoundest puzzles? What makes funeral flowers more than ornamental distraction from pain? 

5 things to consider when buying funeral flowers

This guide by Lily's Florist looks at flower meanings and practical tips for selecting meaningful arrangements that memorialize the deceased. With an insightful approach, we can choose floral tributes that comfort heavy hearts, honor enduring bonds, and pay final respect through nature's ephemeral blooms.

Funeral Flowers Filled with Meaning

Funeral flowers hold deep symbolic weight in cultures worldwide. Certain flowers came to signify aspects of loss and remembrance shared across our human experience. These plants intertwine with rituals for the dead across faiths and regions, their meanings shaping the most solemn ceremonial displays. By understanding the rich heritage these florals represent, we can thoughtfully select arrangements that share significant messages.

Lilies remain among the most prominent funeral flowers in Western and Asian cultures, now associated with restored souls and purity. Their trumpet-shaped petals seemingly herald the departed into eternal peace. Lilies originated in the Mediterranean, making an early appearance in biblical tales. Images on ancient Greek and Minoan artifacts also showcase lilies at ceremonial gravesites. Their ties with death myths lent them an air of underworld mysteries. Over time, the fleur-de-lis heraldic symbol cemented the royal connotations of lilies associated with French monarchies.

Roses also claim a long past in rituals recognizing loss as variations in color hold distinct meanings. Variations in color hold distinct meanings that make roses a versatile option:

  • White - purity and reverence
  • Red - love and courage
  • Pink - grace and appreciation
  • Yellow - friendship and devotion

Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Chinese civilizations incorporated roses to signify eternal life and goddess blessings on the dead. The "Mystic Rose" remains an epithet for the Virgin Mary. Rosy hues seem to capture the blood of sacrifice and passion of true bonds.

Carnations, an expected sight at American and European funerals, reference affection and remembrance:

  • White - pure love
  • Pink - gratitude
  • Red - admiration

Beloved for affordability and longevity, carnations originated in the Mediterranean like lilies. Christian artists depicted carnations alongside holy female figures. The bloom's frilly layers resemble a heavenly halo, cueing symbolism of spiritual devotion.

Finding Significance in the Unique and Modern

Beyond the customary funeral selections, families can discover profound meaning in more contemporary or unusual floral options. The distinctive visuals and rich undertones of these blossoms provide additional avenues to honor legacies.

Gladioli make a bold statement with uniform spikes stretching vertically. Their sword-shaped stems project strength and honor. While gladioli symbolize moral integrity in the flower language, they also reference life's fleeting yet inspiring journey. Native to Africa, they stand sturdy against winds and rains. Placing gladioli prominently in funeral arrangements showcases the deceased's resilient spirit.

Hydrangeas also gained footing as funeral staples for their lush fullness and diversity of form. Largely imported from Asia, the flowering shrub thrives through cold seasons, lending itself to metaphors of perseverance. Most white and faded pastel hydrangea colors project subtle elegance suited to somber occasions. The range of sizes and shapes in each cluster echo life's countless facets, a fitting image for eulogies seeking to encompass a whole person.

If you are looking at sending flowers to the home of the deceased, or any family members or friends, Lily's Florist urges you to read our recent post titled: Choosing Sympathy Flowers. The reason for this is that there are subtle difference between what to send to a funeral versus what flowers to send to a funeral, this article will shed some light on that for you.

Uncovering Added Layers in the Color Symbolism

Beyond floral variety, the hues and pigments carry streams of meaning that deepen the communicative power of funeral tributes:

  • White - conveys purity, reverence, innocence
  • Red - signifies passions of love, courage
  • Pink - represents graceful affection
  • Purple projects dignity and esteem
  • Yellow evokes memories of joy and friendship

Funeral parties can factor color symbolism into their selection process and placement choices to amplify the silent exchange between sender, deceased, and griever. Custom mixes equally tuned to personalities and relationships further personalize the palettes.

Offerings with Roles Steeped in Tradition

Shared meanings of certain flower arrangements unite funeral customs across cultures. The method of presenting tributes at ceremonies, burials, and wake reflect customary practice around death. These displayed floral genres resonate across faiths and geographies in emblem-like fashion due to recurring utility and symbolism:

Casket Sprays 

Accompanying the deceased on final departure often feature assorted roses, carnations, and lilies as farewell gifts from family. Layering blossoms over the vessel holding loved remains enacts the intimacy of tucking them into enduring rest, perfuming their journey. These flat, solid covers also shield coffins as a final act of devotion.

Funeral Wreaths

Encircling round combine the endless shape with evergreens or foliage to proclaim remembrance and spiritual eternity. Their ringed message conveys continuity found in cycles of seasons and generations. Since ancient Greece, wreaths granted victors divine blessing, which families request for beloved dead. Circles of flowers likewise emulate halos, wreathing the dear departed in light.

Standing Sprays 

As stylized bouquets on adjustable racks reflect formal homage with height and visibility. Groups display them near memorial picture displays and guest books. The stance allows varied angles of observation so more attendees may view condolence messages woven into the elegant forms.

Floral baskets holding gentle mounds of color offer more versatility as smaller tribute pieces. Baskets travel to home wakes or gravesides for periodic commemorations following funeral proceedings. They continue spreading beauty and comfort after ceremonies conclude

Customizing Funeral Arrangements

3 tips for funeral flowers

While conventional funeral flowers carry common symbolic meaning, personalized selections weaving in more distinctive elements remind mourners of the depth behind each human journey. The unique rubbery details distinguishing us in life deserve equal reflection in death. Factoring special touches into floral tributes illuminates fuller personalities and fortifies legacies that persist in memory.

Incorporating the favorite blossoms and hues loved ones associated with the deceased infuses arrangements with intimate aspects of character. Expressions reading "as vibrant as his garden roses" or "her warmth matched the yellow tulips she adored" now find literal representation. These personalized accents summon more sensations that kindle reminiscence of time shared.

Floral choices can also reflect vocations, values, and interests through literal objects or color schemes and varieties with related symbolism. A military career marked by purple hearts and medals finds tribute in dignified purple iris, salvias, or roses with disciplined form. One who loved the vibrancy of fall could be memorialized in orange and crimson chrysanthemums, maple branches, and drying pampas grass.

For those with strong spiritual or cultural customs, aligning the tribute's colors, foliage, and layout with the heritage provides continuity from mortal bonds into eternity. Gold and white chrysanthemum circles for Buddhist ancestors, lavender sprigs and wheat sheaths honoring Ukrainian Orthodox dead - these carry loved ones across death's divide within ancestral community.

Ordering and Delivery Considerations

Taking thoughtful steps when coordinating funeral flower logistics ensures smooth delivery and well-timed arrangements complementary to service proceedings:

  • Confirming with recipients opens vital dialogue to incorporate any special requests, restrictions, or cultural considerations into the order. Clear communication channels later facilitate resolving any issues. Inquiring also prevents duplicate orders from overwhelming grievers.
  • Ordering as early as possible provides florists opportunity to secure prized funeral varieties before stocks deplete. The fuller assortment of size options and fresh selections available make artful designs achievable. Rush fees apply to last-minute orders, increasing costs.
  • Supplying delivery contacts and event details enables accurate fulfillment binding sender, florist, and grieving party seamlessly so tributes arrive punctually. Florists rely wholly on given names, dates, addresses, and services times to direct arrangements. Incorrect or vague delivery notes risk unwelcome delays that diminish gesture impact.
  • Accompanying tributes with personal notes introduces comforting human connection amid impersonal proceedings, reminding the bereaved they are not alone in this loss. Even brief sentiments demonstrate the thought and care that went into each choice made in honoring someone dear.

With sound planning, florists can reliably deliver within same-day or overnight to convey timely respect before burial rites. Managing logistics diligently surrounds dear departed and grievers in beautiful floral resonance as they mourn communally.

Complementary Options for Personalized Memorialization

Best Flowers For a Funeral make it personalized

While floral tributes remain customary funeral expressions, introducing creative keepsakes, nature-inspired living memorials, and acts of remembrance carries sentimental value and practical comfort. These additions promote beloved legacies through tangible generosity and living symbols.

Charitable donations to a cause dear to the deceased engraves their name among those improving issues they championed in life. Nonprofits send contributors acknowledgment notices and updates on impact regularly to descendants. Funds supporting operations speak louder than short-lived plants. Consider collectives furthering medical research, wildlife efforts, or equal access to the arts based on what drove lost loved ones’ passions.

Planting trees, gardens, or foliage offers perpetual transformation and beauty honoring the deceased. Blossoming cherry trees, fern glens, or rose bushes breathing new life from soil parallels renewal after grief’s long winter. Engraving memorial placards near plantings hallows the sites devoted to deceased memory. As time passes, witnessing the maturing garden mirrors healing change. If you need any assistance in writing a card message please read out post on: The Importance of Card Messages in Expressing Condolences.

Commissioning personalized artwork, books, or engraving gives families tangible keepsakes commemorating meaningful stories and qualities of the departed. Framing portrait paintings, binding favorite recipes or poems, crafting sentimental photo books, or embossing jewelry captures irreplaceable facets of those mourned into lasting mementos passed down generations.

** Gift baskets** with soothing self-care and home items provide useful comforts to the bereaved during demanding funeral preparations and initial grieving phases. Herbal teas, candles, cozy blankets, memory journals, calming music, and snacks offer small reprieves for emotional and physical replenishment needed to traverse the immediate loss.

Funeral Flowers as Instruments of Solace

Across faiths, cultures and eras, funeral flowers persist as profound emblems used to console, commemorate and revere. More than decorative accessories, they fulfill innately spiritual roles - illuminating the thin veil between temporal and eternal, underscoring human bonds that defy death. Every flower placed in solemn ritual carries generations of significance, each petal a symbolic messenger.


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