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A fabulous bouquet for a fabulous person. This elegant and creatively put together arrangement is a perfect option for any special occasion.

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You met for the first time today! You flirted and enjoyed your brief encounter together. You exchanged numbers and then you smiled and said goodbye. She gave you a sweet smile and you saw a twinkle in her eye as she gazed back at you. You have no idea if you will ever see her again or what will happen, but you are interested in finding out. You found out enough about her that you know where she works. You decide that you need to send an artfully designed bouquet to impress her.

Jade - This elegant yet sexy bouquet is creatively designed to impress. She will be blown away when this shows up at her desk or place of work. Write a special note asking her to meet you for dinner and drinks and see where the night takes you. Maybe it will be one night of passionate love or maybe she is your future partner.

Hopefully you got her info written down correctly so we can help get it delivered to wherever you need it to go. We can deliver to most places and we do offer same day delivery if you feel the need to get this bouquet to her right away. That would be a pretty slick move. Just got your order in by 2 pm.

Premium Size: 20" H x 18.5" W


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