Same Day Delivery - USA Wide!



I ordered flowers around July 1st for a family funeral. I paid extra to have more flowers in the arranement and it said it would look very similar to the photo. It looked nothing like the arrangement I ordered. It looked like a child assembled it. I FINALLY got a call back with absolutely NO resolution... No response back after they said they would check into it. Never again
Trust all of the negative reviews and beware that this business is not holding up to good business practices and customer service. It has been 3 days after cancelling the same day when I placed the initial order that I realized there was no confirmation that the order was going to be delivered in time or at all. They charged me the full amount and still have not provided a receipt or any more correspondence aside from a one line email stating, "Thank you for reaching out. Your order was delivered yesterday at 8:18pm." This is unacceptable and the only customer service option leads one to a voicemail, to which there has been no phone call in response to date.
The flowers ordered did not look anything like the flowers delivered. I wish I could show you a picture. I will never order or recommend this place to anyone. My sister will only retire once and I wanted to do something special. The joke was on me.
Update: I finally got a hold of someone and was told that they cannot provide a delivery status. The 'florist' will call me with that information. My order was placed @ 11:00 am this morning and should be delivered today; but it may be tomorrow??
I should have read the reviews before placing my order. I ordered flowers to be delivered "SAME DAY" but I have not yet received confirmation. I've tried calling and emailing but no response.
5 days waiting, 3 days of 4 emails 2 phone calls and 2 reviews posted just to get someone to contact me. I would have been good if the stuff showed up sat heck I would have been okay if they showed up Monday. If it was my business I would have drove two states to make sure it showed up monday.
LOL they finally responded to me. They said sorry we know the CC was immediately charged but your order never came through because we were hacked over the memorial weekend three weeks ago. hey do you want us to go ahead and send it out tomorrow even though its a week late lol.
I order 3 very large beautiful arrangements of flowers a box of chocolate and a balloon last Thursday June 10th. It was after 3 so I assumed same day delivery would be Friday the 11th. No problem, but Friday came and went no delivery. Saturday nothing. Sunday I wrote to this sites listed address with no reply. Monday morning I called and talked to a lady who said she would send the request to research and they would immediately contact me Tuesday came no contact So I called again. The lady this time said the same thing. I said someone needs to contact me. Still no contact no flowers and no money. This site is a fake middle man operation is what I am suspecting at this point.