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  • A Little Caribbean - By Lily's Florist

    A Little Caribbean - By Lily's Florist

    From $45

    This vibrant collection of blooms recalls a beautiful island sitting on the wide blue-gree...

  • Waltzing With Daises - By Lily's Florist

    Waltzing With Daises - By Lily's Florist

    From $45

    Anyone up for a Waltz? Sparkling array of stunning seasonal flowers, great birthday flower...

  • Kisses


    From $45

    These flowers and some kisses bridge all distances between you and the one you love.

  • Festive Fun

    Festive Fun

    From $49

    Hey! Happy Birthday! This cute and fun birthday bouquet is looking for a party. Got a love...

  • Birthday Brilliance - By Lily's Florist

    Birthday Brilliance - By Lily's Florist

    From $50

    Looking for a festive birthday bouquet? This arrangement is a party all in itself. The bir...

  • Dare To Wish

    Dare To Wish

    From $50

    Make her wish come true with this sweet bouquet of colorful and radiant flowers. This arra...

  • Cuddles - By Lily's Florist

    Cuddles - By Lily's Florist

    From $50

    These are a delightful and fun way to send that you care to someone who is close to you. T...

  • Lilac Surprise - By Lily's Florist

    Lilac Surprise - By Lily's Florist

    From $50

    It's purple, white, and green, it exudes fun and happiness, it's perfect for birthdays!

  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

    From $59

    Inhale, exhale. Relax and rewind with this Zen-inspired floral astonishment that will calm...

  • Lush Purples

    Lush Purples

    From $59

    Posh and pretty, you want it to be perfect. Flash those purple flowers on and stun effortl...

  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

    From $69

    Cute, sweet, and sheik. This bouquet has got some style. It is fun and teases of romance. ...

  • Mad For You Bouquet

    Mad For You Bouquet

    From $70

    Feel the heat of wild love with flowers that pump the heart. Mad for You is raging love in...



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Lily's Florist is one of the best delivery florists in the USA, delivering fresh flowers through your trusted local florist all over the USA.

Lily’s Florist embodies a hand-selected network of accomplished florists by implementing stringent membership benchmarks for all our florists. Lily’s Florist approaches the same strict standards as with the florists that are welcome on the team. This, in turn, gives our valued customers the assurance of only the best flower products from their stores. Lily’s Florist’s proud staff is equipped with superior experience and skills to deliver the best every time.

And yes, you guessed it … Lily's Florist has same-day flowers delivered to all states and cities!

Lily's Florist takes a personal approach to servicing fresh flower deliveries throughout the USA.

Lily’s Florist is simply the #1 Delivery Florist!

Using the secure site of Lily’s Florist, paying with PayPal or credit card, you can order flowers to be sent anywhere. Lily’s Florist has been in the floral industry for many years and understands the reputation of providing fresh, gorgeous flowers with an excellent standard of customer service. By having member florists in every town and city, it means that we can deliver fresh, quality flowers nationwide using our exclusive network of highly capable florists.

Lily's Florist focus is on its clients' satisfaction, because it is to them they owe their success. While clients support their flower arrangements and other floral products, they are able to endlessly share a passion to become a part of their clients’ happiness. With every flower arrangement that Lily’s Florist delivers and provides their clients with, they always endeavor to make certain of a lasting satisfaction. As a result of word spreading about the kind of products and the services that are provided, Lily’s Florist is able to acquire more and more clients.

Lily’s Florist has Hands-On Management and a Growing Network of Talented Local Florists.

The commitment to excellence has brought Lily’s Florist to where they are now. The #1 Delivery Florist has grown immensely in just a short duration of time because of the commitment and efficiency of everyone involved in the business.

As the business developed, it became progressively imperative to guarantee that the team appointed to maintain the progression, shared the same ideals. A scrupulous procedure in choosing our local florist partners was fixed, finding the correct cultural fitting with floristry specialists. Experts who have resilient beliefs and genuine passion for what they do. This is what places Lily’s Florist apart from the rest!

At the inception, Lily’s Florist commenced with no knowledge of the florist industry; but that did not prevent them from attaining their goals and ultimately achieving success in the business. Now, it is no surprise that Lily’s Florist is fast-becoming a household name for genuine flower delivery.

The establishment may be comparatively new to the industry, but on inspection, a prospective client will discover a treasure of stimulating perspectives and fresh ideas on offer – and all at reasonable prices to boot!

It is, and always has been, Lily’s Florist’s objective to make flowers and accessories more reachable and affordable for everybody – young and old individuals or couples, students and professionals, and families from all aspects in life. Why? Because Lily’s Florist embraces responsibility so as to help people express their feelings well and frequently, so they may build stronger relationships; all the time, rejoicing in the absolute beauty of fresh flowers.

There is the rivalry with larger online florists, but Lily’s Florist’s procedure flourishes because of its fundamental values. These values define how we work, who we are, and what we stand for.

GARDEN-FRESH & EXCIING: Behind Lily’s Florist is a lineup of fresh personalities and pacesetters that are prepared to bring in new ideas and more imaginative floral arrangements. They are in-tune with the existing fashions in the floral artistry, gift packages and all flowers in general. With such, Lily’s Florist is able to deliver to clients all the excitement and gorgeous floral gift bouquets that are actually intended to enchant both the sender and the receiver.

PRUDENT: It is clear to Lily’s Florist that frugality is very, very dissimilar from being cheap. Lily’s Florist has its eyes on the superior image when it comes to expenditure and saving. They look for quality first, for the period expended, and for cost-efficiency.

Lily’s Florist is always dedicated to finding improved ways to keep their costs low, without compromising the quality of their products and their flower delivery service. They are intentional and mindful about their business acquisitions and outlays because regulating their own costs ensures passing on improved savings to their customers. Lily’s Florist has also advanced into computerization and innovation with a more efficient team so that ordering online is now a breeze.

FLEXIBLE: Lily’s Florist’s flexible and bold applications take great pride as a proactive approach. Even though the company has plans and best intentions, at times things don’t pan out the way they should. The open-mindedness of Lily’s Florist always welcomes fluctuations to make their services and products superior. They place huge importance to every complaint or compliment, because those feedbacks are what push them to become the finest.

FAMILY: While Lily’s Florist is mainly a family-owned and operated business, it endeavors to maintain responsive acquaintances with their staff, their network of florists, and their customers. They take pride in their partner florist’s accomplishments and believe in the significance of establishing long-term, professional relationships with their support staff and their clients. At Lily’s Florist, they place great prominence into what each person brings to the Lily’s Florist family.

When it comes to delightful and reasonably priced floral gifts, unique gift-giving concepts, speedy same-day flower delivery, and expressive and extraordinary floral arrangements – you can rely on Lily’s Florist.

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