Best Flowers For Weddings In 2024

Best Flowers For Weddings In 2024

Selecting the perfect wedding flowers in 2024 is an exciting part of wedding planning now we're in Spring! Flowers have a romantic tendency set the mood and style for your special wedding day. The flowers you and your partner choose for your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, altar arrangements, and other decor should establish both your wedding style and theme. 

This post represents but one in Lily's Florists' long list of articles in our Best Flowers For Series.

From classic and elegant white rose bouquets to wild and free-spirited succulent centerpieces, your wedding flowers allow you to tell your unique love story. They reflect what matters most – from the season you are getting married, your wedding colors and theme, to your personal taste and budget.

As you research your options, pinpointing the best flowers for your wedding style sets you up for floral success. We highlighting our top picks for must-have wedding flowers based on popularity, seasonality, theme suitability and more. Read on for gorgeous flower inspiration and pro tips for working with florists and designers to achieve your ideal wedding vision.

Roses, peonies, ranunculus, gardenias, and lilies rank among the most requested wedding flowers for their beauty, romanticism and abundance of size, color and fragrance options. We cover these stunning blooms and more – from the bold protea to the delicate sweet pea.

Discover arrangements and bouquet styles featuring These flowers as we spotlight seasonal availability, coordinated color palettes and suggested wedding color schemes, ways to showcase textures, along with recommended decor and symbolic meaning covering aspects like love, commitment and new beginnings. These meaningful details enrich your arrangements.

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What To Consider When 'Picking' Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers is an exciting part of planning your special day! However, with so many options to consider, it can also feel overwhelming trying to narrow down your the vision you and your partner may have imagined for your wedding. Here we walk through they key factors to think through as you're researching flowers and meeting with your wedding florist or designer.

Seasonality of Wedding Flowers

The season during which you plan your nuptials greatly influences the flowers available for your bouquets, arrangements and ceremony blooms. Thus, seasonality plays a major role in crafting your floral vision.

Spring and summer in 2024 offer the most abundant selection of in-season flowers and blooms. From March to August, you'll have many options for garden-fresh wedding flowers in an expansive color palette.

Signature spring wedding flowers like peonies, ranunculus, sweet peas, tulips, lilacs, and some heirloom roses shine. As summer arrives, popular picks include romantic garden roses, cheerful sunflowers, lush dahlias and more.

For fall and winter weddings, the floral selection shifts to reflect autumnal hues and wintery vibes. Emerging trendy options include unique berries and branches, ornamental kale and cabbage and wintery eucalyptus and pine sprays. However, varieties are more limited than the spring and summer season.

Work closely with your florist to focus arrangements around available seasonal winter blooms like amaryllis, camellias, hypericum berries, paper whites, hellebores and anemones for texture and interest. Accent with fresh evergreen foliage like spruce tips, juniper and cedar. While flower variety is more restricted, embracing winter's natural beauty sets a stunning scene.

Wedding Flower Selection By Theme and Color Palette

Your wedding in 2024 theme and color palette greatly influence the types of flowers to incorporate into your special day. Carefully select blooms that align with and enhance your overall aesthetic.

For a romantic, soft floral vision, timeless flowers like roses, peonies, gardenias, and hydrangeas overflowing with lush petals are perfect. Blush pink, cream, buttery yellow, and coral hues compliment the feminine vibe.

A vintage-inspired wedding leans into old-world charm and nostalgia. Playful flowers like dahlias, cosmos, sweet peas, and ranunculus in a muted color scheme reflect this look. Accent with herbs like rosemary and lavender for added whimsy.

The sleek lines of orchids and exotic calla lilies lend themselves beautifully to modern, elegant affairs. Their sculptural shapes allow for graphic, contemporary arrangements in line with this aesthetic. Monochromatic white or rich jewel-toned purple arrangements make a striking statement.

Free-flowing, loose arrangements with wildflowers, seeded eucalyptus, and textured greenery achieve the effortless vibe for rustic or bohemian inspired wedding flowers. Think a casual abundance of color and texture rather than structured formality. Accents of wood, cotton, or burlap extend the hand-picked garden visual.

With limitless themes and color schemes, connect with your florist early about the overall style you wish to achieve. Discuss specific hues and flower varieties that can bring this cohesive vision to life. Your wedding flowers set the visual tone for your entire event.

Honoring the Bride's Personal Style and Vision

While seasonal availability in 2024, wedding theme, and color palette impact flower choices, brides ultimately select arrangements that best reflect their individual style, preferences and priorities:

Consider your favorite flower varieties and any special sentimental meaning they hold as you envision your bouquet and decor blooms. For many, specific flowers like peonies, roses, lilies symbolize love and romance and naturally fit a wedding's symbolic significance.

Fragrance also plays a key role in personalization. Embrace sweet aromas infusing arrangements by incorporating fragrant gardenias, jasmine, lavender roses, oriental lilies, sweet peas, and tuberose. But avoid heavily scented flowers near food or in very confined, warm spaces.

Determine if your personal vision leans towards bold, voluminous statement flowers or delicate, petite blooms. Lush peony heads or abundant garden roses contrast whimsical accents of baby’s breath or cosmos. Share your size preferences with designers.

Be transparent about overall wedding flower budget from the start when consulting designers and florists. Be open to suggestions on where to splurge, save, or repurpose altar arrangements to the reception. Discuss ways big visual impact balances investment through strategic flower choices.

Recommended Wedding Flowers

Timeless Roses for Romance

Universally recognized as the ultimate romantic flower, fragrant roses reign as the most requested and versatile wedding bloom. An endless variety of sizes, shapes and colors make roses ideal for every wedding style.

From a classic Red Rose bouquet to modern white garden rose centerpieces, embrace this flower's flexibility. More abundant and affordable than peonies, roses deliver reliable beauty.

Play with different rose types for diverse looks. Modern Garden Roses bloom lush and full resembling peonies, while classic long-stem beauties offer elegance. Mix colors and combine with other flowers or greenery for further drama and interest.

Pro Tip: For next-level romance, always incorporate fragrant garden roses into your wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. Their rich, concentrated rose perfume infuses affairs with an intimate lushness perfect for weddings. Prioritize garden roses in your overall flower budget for an enhanced emotional experience.

Roses set the mood for romance, love and new beginnings – everything marriages celebrate! Their versatility as focal or accent blooms make these classic flowers a top contender for modern weddings.

Gorgeous Peony Blooms

Decadent, lush peony flowers overflowing with petals in shades of blush, cream, and soft pink define timeless bridal elegance. Often described as "romance in bloom,” fragrant garden peonies beautifully express love with huge flower heads and an undeniably dreamy aesthetic.

Revered in Eastern cultures as bringing prosperity and good fortune, peonies carry strong symbolic meaning associated with happy marriages and ourishing unions. Their lush beauty reflects feminine grace for wedding flowers as memorable as your vows.

These spring garden standouts convey thoughtfulness with high cost tied to short seasonal availability. If planning an off-season wedding, discuss faux peony options with your florist to mimic their decadent look within budget. Or embrace other full, abundant blooms as alternatives.

Pro Tip: Give your peony splurge the spotlight it deserves by showcasing voluminous heads in low, transparent arrangements and minimal bouquets. Allow their natural allure, soft color variations, and romantic form to shine as the focal point.

Make your wedding dreams come true with peonies – the definitive flower of romance and matrimony! Their extravagant beauty cascades arrangements with luxury and depth of meaning. When cost challenges arise, explore realistic fakes and other full flower options to fulfill their lush role.

Romantic Ranunculus Blooms

Like tiny roses filled with delicate layers of tissue paper-thin petals, vibrant ranunculus flowers add bold pops of color and exceptional texture to wedding bouquets and centerpieces with their ruffled charm.

Available in dazzling hues like magenta, crimson, coral, buttercream and blush, the brilliant color spectrum of these small spring blooms impress guests while harmonizing beautifully with popular wedding flowers like roses and sweet peas.

Unlike bulkier focal flowers, airy ranunculus purposefully shine when given breathing room. Wide gaps between stems keep bunches from appearing congested, showing off gorgeous colors and intricate forms.

Pro Tip: Give your peony splurge the spotlight it deserves by showcasing voluminous heads in low, transparent arrangements and minimal bouquets. Allow their natural allure, soft color variations, and romantic form to shine as the focal point.

Ruffled ranunculus flowers inject vibrant charm and impact into wedding flowers. Float these bright spring petals in abundance or blend singly into bouquets for an irresistible delicate element.

Beloved Hydrangea Blooms

Flaunting lush, full globes of petals or tiny starburst florets clustered on hardy branches, versatile hydrangea flowers charm across wedding color palettes and arrangements styles with varied forms and hues.

Naturally available in traditional or pastel shades of blue, purple, pink, white and green, modern hydrangea hybrids like Everlasting Revolution offer deeper shades of rich burgundy, cobalt and coral extending design options dramatically. This color spectrum boosts their wedding appeal and coordination opportunities.

While fresh-cut hydrangea stems last impressively long as cut flowers, their woody stems also allow potted hydrangeas to thrive as living decor transferred outdoors post-weddings to commemorate the event.

Pro Tip: Embrace hydrangeas that complement your wedding flowers and colors, then incorporate woody stems into altar arrangements. Post-ceremony, gift potted hydrangea plants to parents or plant on your own property to enjoy and remember your special day for years to come.

Beloved for their lush, dense globe-shaped blooms, hydrangeas impress guests with volume. Vibrant new color varieties ensure these classic garden favorites keep pace with modern wedding style.

Festive Spring Tulips

Nothing ushers in a spring wedding like cheerful tulips! These classic blooms come in an incredible spectrum of colors ranging from pure white and blush pink, to dazzling yellows, fuchsias and striped varieties – ensuring perfect alignment with your wedding palette.

Beyond their vibrant color range, modern tulip hybrids like fringed, double-bloom and parrot cultivars provide added uniqueness and texture mixed among more common blooms like roses and ranunculus. This blending enhances arrangements.

As true spring flowers, tulips give gardens and guest tables a lively presence while still harmonizing beautifully with traditional wedding roses through whimsical contrasts in shape and formality.

Pro Tip: Embrace tulips as ideal accent blooms to incorporate into centerpieces and installations. Their tall, elegant stems allow these flowers to seamlessly mingle and intersperse among dominant wedding blooms like peonies without appearing chaotic.

Usher in spring with festive tulips! Their dazzling petals infuse cheerful color and unmatched uniqueness into wedding flowers for season-perfect nuptials.

Eye-Catching Dahlia Blooms

Adored for unique, bold disc and petal shapes spanning dinner plates to balls no bigger than marbles, the dahlia offers almost otherworldly texture and geometry perfect for boho weddings.

From vibrant watermelon hues to soft blush and creams, dahlias make a statement with brilliant colors. Varieties exhibiting two-toned petals, stripes, speckles and ombré-like gradients feel almost too magical to be real - capturing stunning attention.

Use these flowers to impart a playful, whimsical mood. Contrasting dahlia shapes and sizes in arrangements keeps things lighthearted compared to uniformly formal flowers. Their beauty shines when loosely arranged in a free-flowing natural style.

Pro Tip: For a relaxed rustic or bohemian chic wedding, embrace dahlias as your signature bloom to complement the laid-back vibe. Their brilliant colors and unique forms inject artful beauty perfect for garden weddings and outdoor affairs.

Let dahlia textures and colors dazzle and delight! Blend varieties for a stunning abstract floral art canvas coming alive in arrangements.

Spotlighting Signature Wedding Flowers

Selecting showstopping wedding flowers in 2024 that align with your season, style, vision, and budget can feel daunting with numerous options to consider. Carefully weigh your priorities with input from floral pros.

While individual tastes differ, timeless blooms like roses, peonies, and gardenias overwhelmingly dominate popularity across schedules and wedding themes for their romanticism and abundant size, fragrance, color options. However, alternatives like vibrant ranunculus and bold dahlias capture attention too.

Use this guide's flexible framework along with your florist's expertise to narrow selections based on seasonal availability, theme suitability, and ideal coordinated colors. Then infuse your custom palette with personal details – from favored hues and flower types to desired aromas.

Lastly, urge designers to propose creative alternatives that summon your dream aesthetic at your defined budgetary limits. Consult flowers’ symbolic meanings for added sentiment. Infuse selective big-statement focal flowers amid complementary mixed arrangements that promote depth, texture and balance.

The culmination is an utterly personalized collection of wedding flowers reflecting deep meaning and refined style without breaking the budget. Then watch your custom floral vision unfold into an atmosphere and experience that intimately captures your one-of-a-kind love story – flower by flower.


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