2021 Flower Trends: Wedding Edition


It appears small, intimate weddings will still be the celebration of choice this new year. Social distancing will most likely still be in effect and with the reduced number of guests, couples-to-wed will be spending less on food and beverage which means they can allocate more budget to other wedding celebration details. Think of upgraded photo and video service and upgraded floral design. Now, the lucky bride can get a fabulously dressed wedding venue filled with showstopping floral décor perfect as backdrop for the most memorable day of her life.

To get you inspired in planning your special day shared with your nearest and dearest, here are some floral design ideas for 2021 intimate ceremonies or micro weddings. 

Back to Nature

You’ve probably noticed how the pandemic ignited interest in gardening. It’s probably because of  the limit put on traveling that people started to bring the outdoors indoors. It could also be because nature and plants and greens have soothing effects that are beneficial in these uncertain times. Some started to tend their gardens with intention probably to augment their food supply or to make good use of their unlimited free time.

Whatever the case may be, people are going back to nature now. Expect weddings, and celebrations in general, to feature a natural, rustic vibe. Brides who consider themselves plant mamas can now use their potted plants as wedding décor. Leafy plants with asymmetrical foliage would lend a woodland vibe to a tablespace. Delicate ferns keep things romantic and interesting. Fresh herbs add some subtle scent and potted succulents make statements.

A little mixing of shape, height, and texture is all that’s needed to come up with a fresh, soothing, and unexpected setting to exchange I dos.

Simplicity is the Key

Simple doesn’t mean plain and boring. It can stand for something less, light, delicate, minimalist, natural, and sustainable.

You are not limited to using fresh flowers for your big day. A lovely alternative would be dried flowers which are cheaper and can be reused. Professionally designed arrangements featuring dried blossoms can lend a wild, bohemian look to a wedding. After the ceremony, you have your bouquet to keep.

Faux flowers are another alternative. Gone are the days when fake blooms look dusty and too plastic-y. New technology has found a way to make faux flowers look more realistic than ever. Feel free to mix fresh with faux, or faux with dried for an eco-friendlier option.

Paper flowers also make a great choice. This is something that can easily be DIYed and the floral design and color are limitless. Want an ombre blossom? Neon blooms bigger than you? A sheet music floral décor? Paper flowers can withstand the hottest summer afternoon, won’t trigger allergies, and can be customized just the way you want them.  

A Touch of Personality

Now that the worldwide lockdown has made people realize the value of living life to the fullest, expect weddings to be more distinct and personal. Go ahead and celebrate your love your way as a couple. Make it as unique and special to you – the bride and groom. It’s more than just a date, remember. It’s a celebration of your love story and a mark of your commitment to each other.

So when planning your floral décor, make it as personal as you’d want it to be. Opt for extreme colors if that’s what you prefer. Go big and display masses and masses of fresh flowers. Want exotic blooms? Floating florals? Flowers in rich reds and deep blue velvets? If these floral details can express your love story and personality better, then go ahead and let your choice of blooms inject character into your big day.


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