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When was the last time you went out to take a walk in the park, without the stress brought by piles of office works and the buzzing noise of the city? When was the last time you were able to escape to the tranquil beauty of nature? If you are one of those people who often get stuck at their work stations with pressure from the boss, you should consider getting yourself a pot of plants from Lily’s Florist. We offer awesome plants that are methodically designed by our expert florists. They are not just effective mood boosters in the workplace –they are also excellent decorations at home, and they make impressive gifts that won’t hurt your pockets.

Lily’s Florists’ Dish Garden is the versatile plant gift you can give to any recipient practically on any occasion. This gender-neutral ensemble features an all-around presentation of assorted green plants in a classic white ceramic dish. Dish Garden not only brings an invigorating mood to any room, it is also low-maintenance and is really affordable at $49. Send it as a birthday gift to a male friend or co-worker, bother and uncle, or grab one for yourself.

Lily’s Divine Orchid didn’t get its name for nothing. This duo of miniature lavender phalaenopsis plants exude elegance and style as they gently perch on top of lush moss and gravel. Featuring a chic footed planter, Lily’s Divine Orchid is the perfect gift for the sophisticated woman in your life. Mom would feel extra special when she receives this on her birthday she might end up collecting more orchids! Lily’s Divine Orchid is also a no-fail present for VIP clients at work.

She looks so down today, and you are lost for words to bring her to smile. Step back and let Lily’s Florist ‘Blooming Basket do the talking. Vibrant blossoms of yellow miniature roses, pink azalea, African violets, hot pink hypoestes, and green ivy will drown all the negative vibe around her, replacing it with a soothing and vivacious ambiance. Blooming Basket is a versatile arrangement that goes well with ‘get well’ notes, and messages of sympathy.

Don’t get discouraged from decorating your room with plants. You don’t have to be a plant expert to find the perfect arrangement for you and your loved ones. Ask our florists today by calling our hotlines. You may also visit Lily’s Florist website where you can chat with us for advice, orders, and anything plant or flower related queries. For same day deliveries, order before 2 p.m. on weekdays and before 10 a.m. on weekends.

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