Zodiac Flowers Part 1


Find Out Your Floroscope: Be Guided By The Flower For Your Star Sign (Part 1)

Ever wondered why you’re so drawn a certain flower? That when you see such blossom, it’s as if it speaks to you? That specific flower might be radiating an aura or energy that matches or complements yours. The basic attributes of that particular flower define your identity, very much like how star signs work.

Did you know that there’s a bloom that symbolizes each of the astrological signs? Called the Zodiac Flower, these blossoms tell something about your distinct traits.

Let’s get to know the beautiful and symbolic flowers based on the 12 zodiac signs so that the next time you send flower gifts to your loved ones, you’ll pick a floral ensemble that’s more thoughtful and meaningful.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Honeysuckle is the main zodiac flower for Aries. Heat-tolerant, versatile, fragrant, hardy, and a challenge to kill, the honeysuckle flower perfectly matches the bold, ambitious, resilient, and driven character of the first sign of the zodiac.

Tiger Lily is another flower associated with the audacious rams. Outstanding in appearance and vibrant, tiger lilies and Arieses share the same level of confidence, cheerful disposition, and relentless determination.

Other flowers associated with the Aries sign are tulip, thistle, geranium, impatiens, and hollyhock.

Taurus (April 20 –May 20)

The warmhearted and loving Taurus has the romantic Rose as its zodiac flower. Both the rose and the Taurus seem closed off and prickly on the outside but that’s just because they are strong self-defenders - very protective of themselves. Inside, they have a deep, romantic, and passionate nature. Also like the delicate petals of a rose, Taureans are also sensitive beings who do not like sudden changes.

Other flowers associated with the Taurus sign are poppy, daisy, foxglove, violet, and columbine.

Gemini (May 21 –June 20)

Two flowers correspond to Gemini, the Great Twins, and they are Lavender and Lily of the Valley. Sociable Geminis match the charisma and pleasing character of lavenders. The youthful and adaptable nature of a Gemini also reflects the adaptability and strength of lavenders.  But Geminis are said to have a dual personality and the lily of the valley captures the other side of a Gemini. A lily of the valley can’t tolerate heat much like how a Gemini can’t handle confrontations.  Some see Geminis as sweet but they aren’t always so friendly similar to how a lily of the valley looks delicate and beautiful yet poisonous when ingested. Gemini’s two zodiac flowers clearly depicts how one can never know a Gemini completely.

Other flowers associated with the Gemini sign are lilac, chrysanthemum, azalea, and orchid.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The White Rose is Cancer’s zodiac flower. Representing a Cancer’s inner sensitivity is the delicate white petals of a white rose. The white rose accurately captures the emotional, loving, deeply intuitive and imaginative character of those born under the sign of Cancer.

Other flowers associated with the Cancer sign are verbena, morning glory, and white flowers.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Represented by the Lion, the vivacious and fearless Leo has the Sunflower as its zodiac flower. The vibrant yellow shade and bright beauty of a sunflower accurately reflects how Leos radiate positivity. Their optimism, confidence, boldness, and happy personality is mirrored by the radiant and attention-grabbing look of a sunflower. They both share the same loyal characteristic, too, as evidenced by how a sunflower worships the sun.

Other flowers associated with the Leo sign are marigold, passion flower, heliotrope, and dahlia.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Associated with those born under the Virgo sign is the Chrysanthemum flower. The practical choice and go-to flower of florists around the world because of their year-round availability and economical cost, chrysanthemums prove to be the flower partner of Virgos who are known for being sensible and practical in their approach to life. Like the modest and shy Virgos, the humble chrysanthemum wouldn’t mind staying quietly in the background.

Other flowers associated with the Virgo sign are aster, narcissus, and all brightly-colored tiny flowers.

Was your zodiac flower one of your favorites?  Stay tuned for Part 2 featuring the other six zodiac signs and their corresponding astrological flowers.


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