5 Creative Planter Ideas for a Stylish Indoor or Outdoor Garden


There are so many benefits of being surrounded by nature. Fresh flowers on your porch or front yard can instantly make your home more welcoming. Indoor plants can improve the indoor air quality and your space’s atmosphere. Fresh flowers and plants can also provide your space with texture and a much needed pop of color. They’re sure to bring you visual enjoyment while relieving your stress and improving your mood.

So grow as many plants as you can and bring as many flowers and plants indoors to create your very own green and relaxing space. When you do so, you’ll be rewarded not just with ornamental benefits but also with emotional healing. To enjoy the decorative, soothing and inspiring effects of plants and flowers at its maximum, be a little more creative in displaying those greens and blossoming blooms.

To help you get the most out of caring for and displaying plants, here are some creative planter ideas that you can consider.

  • Get a quirky planter. The quirkier the better. Hunt for the most odd-looking planter you can afford. A one-of-a-kind plant vessel instantly gives an ordinary green plant an eye-catching appeal.

  • Style it dainty. You can’t go wrong with a dainty vase or container plus fresh flowers. It’s charming and sweet and can definitely soften the sterile look of all-white spaces and the sharp angles in a home.

  • Hang it.  For sure you have lots of unused ceiling space. Use it to display trailing ivy plants, air plants, and vines in decorative planters. You can use globular glass terrariums to hold air plants and suspend like it’s a light bulb. For a homier feel, use macramé plant hangers to hold pots up. Mount a wooden planter with fern on the wall and give your space a tropical rainforest vibe.  Wicker planters also look good when suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall.

  • Give your plants a terrarium home. If you prefer a more contemporary display of fresh flowers and plants, go for a glass planter. Choose classy glass vases in different sizes for displaying cut flowers and pick glass terrariums for the ultimate modern appeal when growing greens. Jar-like terrariums, glass cloches, geometric terrariums, pyramid glass terrariums, gold terrariums, cork and glass cloche, and glass globe terrariums all make impressive planters.

  • Recycle. Give new life to used and pre-loved items in your home. All you need is some imagination and maybe a can of paint. Tires, plastic bottles, Mason jars, tin cans, chandeliers, vintage wagons, teapots and pitchers, wine bottles, pallets, and tiered cake stands can all be repurposed to hold plants.

Why settle for normal planters when you can get or create one that’s more interesting and that can give your plants a cooler, chicer and more stylish home? With the many options you have from adorable to elegant, you can surely find the perfect planter for your space. Show off those fresh flowers and greens in attractive containers and instantly multiply their impact.


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