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A love that is untainted, a love that is real.

This what tulips represent when received and given. The origins of tulips can be traced back to Central Asia thus adapting a moniker of a Persian word for ‘turban’ pertaining to a resemblance of the shape of the flower. As it gained popularity in Turkey, these flowers acquired significant presence not only in the real world but also in Persian and Turkish literature.

Tulips in stories always justified love as the end of all means. Whether the tale is tragic or not, tulips will always reveal that the heart desires nothing else but a love that is real.

Years pass and tulip flowers gained recognition in Europe wherein it was valued more and more and was considered as a status symbol as its demand have risen and its existence, became phenomenal.

Tulips, a prized flower that anyone will love

Despite its majestic appearance, tulips have seemed to captured the hearts of all kinds of people. It has circulated in many occasions, symbolizing different meanings aside from its known definition as an epitome of faultless love.

As one of the first flowers of spring, tulips were also sent as gifts to celebrate a new beginning, specifically its white blooms. A rebirth of a broken relationship, a coming of a new baby, and even the start of a new journey.

During the Victorian era, orange tulips are associated with the concept of altruism, giving wholly without expecting something in return. It is the sign that a charitable act has been accomplished and acknowledged.

Pink tulips are the happy variant. It sends a message of a hope for joy and esteem for someone who is beginning to lose faith in oneself. These flowers show the road back to confidence.

Back when tulips were considered as highly valuable, the purple ones stand out. Aside from being given to persons in the upper echelon, purple tulips were sometimes used as a trade for any prized item.

Turn the spirits up inside a home when yellow tulips are displayed. These luminous blossoms are an undeniable attraction to the soul.

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