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Delight someone special with our Peach Bouquet, a radiant blend of roses, carnations, and unique Matsumoto asters. A perfect "just because" gift to brighten their day. Don't wait, send a burst of warmth and affection now!

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A Burst of Warmth and Affection

Introduce a sunny spark to someone's day with our enchanting Peach Bouquet. This delightful arrangement features a breathtaking array of peach-hued roses and carnations, radiating warmth and affection with their delicate hues.

Lush Foliage for Character

Adding depth and character to this radiant bouquet are the lush leaves in tones of vibrant green and serene silver. This vibrant foliage beautifully accentuates the bouquet's soft peach blooms.

Spotlight on Matsumoto Asters

An intriguing addition to this bouquet is the Matsumoto aster. This flower, native to East Asia, is cherished for its unique star-like shape and captivating colors. As symbols of love, patience, and elegance, Matsumoto asters serve as eye-catching accents in our Peach Bouquet.

An intriguing addition to this bouquet is the Matsumoto aster. Native to East Asia, the Matsumoto aster is a flower cherished for its unique star-like shape and captivating colors. Its vibrant blooms are often used as a delightful symbol of love, patience, and elegance in floral arrangements. In this bouquet, the Matsumoto asters serve as eye-catching accents, their intriguing form and color playing off beautifully against the soft hues of the roses and carnations.

The Perfect "Just Because" Gift

This Peach Bouquet makes for an excellent "just because" gift, a spontaneous gesture to brighten up a loved one's day. So why not surprise someone special today with this exquisite arrangement?

3 Reasons Why This Is Such An Amazing Bouquet

  1. Versatile Charm: Our Peach Bouquet beautifully captures the essence of any celebration. Its soft colors and unique blend of flowers make it perfect for various occasions - from birthdays to anniversaries, or even just to brighten up someone's day.
  2. High-Quality Blooms: At Lily's Florist, we ensure that each bloom in our bouquets is of the highest quality. With fresh roses, carnations, and star-shaped Matsumoto asters, our Peach Bouquet delivers a vibrant and long-lasting visual delight.
  3. Convenient Delivery: At Lily's Florist, we understand that your time is precious. Therefore, we offer a convenient and reliable delivery service. Whether you want same-day delivery or prefer to schedule it in advance, we've got you covered.


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