Fun Loving Bouquet

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Choose the 'Fun Loving Bouquet' to send a message of love and friendship wrapped in pastel elegance. With lavender roses, pink Peruvian lilies, and purple Matsumoto asters nestled in a chic lilac vase, this arrangement is the perfect way to brighten someone's day with style and serenity.


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"Introducing our 'Fun Loving Bouquet' — a vision of serenity and softness that captures the heart with its pastel symphony. Lavender roses symbolize enchantment and love at first sight, while the playful pink Peruvian lilies represent friendship and devotion. The vivid purple of the matsumoto asters introduces a touch of royalty to the arrangement, and the dainty white chamomile daisies add a sprinkle of innocence. This bouquet is artfully cradled in silvery dusty miller foliage, a nod to the wisdom of lasting affection. Encased in a chic lilac vase with delicate ribbing detail, this arrangement is the perfect gift to express your tender emotions and brighten up any corner of the home or office.

What's in the vase:

  • Lavender Roses: Often associated with enchantment and wonder, these roses can also signify love at first sight or a sense of majesty and splendor. If you would like to see our entire loving range of Roses click here.
  • Pink Peruvian Lilies (Alstroemeria): These charming flowers are symbols of friendship and devotion, with multiple blooms per stem representing the many facets of a relationship. View all our Lily Flowers.
  • Purple Matsumoto Asters: These star-shaped flowers add a touch of royal purple to the bouquet, often used to symbolize love, faith, and wisdom.
  • White Chamomile Daisies: Known for their simplistic beauty, these daisies add a touch of innocence and purity to the arrangement. View all Gerbera Daisies.
  • Dusty Miller: With its silver-gray foliage, Dusty Miller provides a soft, velvety texture and acts as an excellent backdrop, highlighting the colors of the other flowers.

* Please note that due to supply some flowers, and vase, may need to be substitued from time to time.


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