Unique Flower Gifts for Women’s Month 2022


It’s that time of the year when female change-makers are celebrated and honored for their strength, courage, and leadership. March is Women’s History Month in the United States and the 8th of March, in particular, is International Women’s Day.

You don’t have to personally know a female inventor, world leader, celebrity, or influential woman in history to celebrate this occasion. The women in your family, in your workplace, in your circle of friends, and community are all deserving to be recognized for all the things they do - big or small. This year, the theme is #BreakTheBias and you can certainly do a lot of things to contribute to that call. Use the expressive beauty, unique language, and power of flowers to show care and appreciation to the women in your life. Use the gift of blooms, too, to advocate for a world that’s inclusive, diverse, and free of stereotypes.

When choosing a flower gift, you may want to consider giving a bouquet or blossom that represents your message, intention, and the occasion. Here are some non-traditional and atypical flower-themed gifts that defy stereotypes and reflect female resilience.

Fresh and Fabulous

Forget the bouquet of roses, tulips, lilies, or carnations. Pick a floral arrangement with textured blooms and unique, unusual flowers. Consider Globe Thistle and its ball-shaped flowerhead, or Pincushion Protea and its exotic beauty. Ever heard or seen a nemophilia flower? It’s a delicate five-petaled flower in a beautiful shade of sky blue. Nemophilia is a flower that means “success everywhere” making it the perfect bloom for women empowerment.

If you want a bloom that’s more easily accessible, go with orchids. Know that Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, and Cymbidium are not the only orchid types you can get. You may want to check out Cycnoches Orchid or the ‘Swan Orchid.’ The very pretty Vanda Orchids are not to be missed, too. The freckled Cattleya Orchid is another unique choice.

Dried and Dramatic

You can also go for dried flower arrangements which is specifically perfect for women who lead busy lives. These are low-maintenance blooms that won’t require feeding or watering, or any form of meticulous care. Dried flower bouquets and arrangements are perfect as they are.

Dried blooms make great gifts for Women’s Day because they’re just like the females of society – amazingly versatile, will fit all seasons and can work all year round, rich in character, and  ever-evolving.

When it comes to meaning, dried flowers’ symbolism is clear and deep. Dried blooms offer a different look at beauty. When life and color has faded because of time and age, flowers gain the beauty of memories and wisdom.  

Bright and Sweet

Another way to celebrate Women’s Month is to treat the female VIPs in your life to something sweet to brighten their day. You can go with literally sweet gifts like flower-decorate cakes, cupcakes, and pastries.

You can also go for small, sweet but significant gestures that will brighten her day. Make tea for her every morning, leave a love note on her bedside table, bring home her favorite dessert, offer to help with one of her weekend to-dos, or give an unexpected compliment.


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