Tips in Planning Flower Themed Children’s Parties


A flower theme works with just about any celebration - a baby shower, a springtime holiday, even for a child’s birthday. You can have a flower-themed party at any time of the year and you won’t run out of supplies and décor ideas. Flowers make a great party theme especially when celebrating how your little one has “grown” and “blossomed.”

Ready to throw a flower-themed celebration for your little darling? Let’s help you plan that blooming day. Read on and find ways you can make use of flowers to create an extra special, extra festive, and extra memorable celebration.

Prepare floral invitations

Let the guests know about your little darling’s big day with a themed invitation. You can go the conventional route and send store-bought or printed paper invites or go for the more convenient way through paperless online invitations. You can create a Facebook event to send invites to friends or use free online invitation websites.

Need help with the wording? Try “Join us for a bloomin’ great time at [name of birthday girl]’s party:  [date, location and time].

Get crafty with floral decorations

Aside from party supply stores, the craft store and the flower shop are the best places to get floral decorations. Streamers, balloons in pastel colors, cute vases, and tissue paper flowers are perfect decors for a flower-themed children’s party. From the craft store, you can get garlands, moss, wreaths, greenery arrangements, faux flowers, and dried floral bunches that you can use to create a more elegant and chic party atmosphere. You can also have a bunch of fresh flowers ordered online at Lily’s Florist and delivered straight to your door.

Get crafty with DIY faux flowers and giant paper flower decorations or try your hand at fresh flower arranging. The amount of décor you’ll need will depend on the space you’ll decorate. The kind of décor you’ll use will depend on the exact theme that you have and the look and feel that you want. You can have a generic garden-themed party that covers just about anything floral and green, or you can be a little more specific and throw a Sunflower-and-Lemonade party, a purple flower party, an Alice in Wonderland party, a Flowers-and-Butterflies party, or a Rainbow-Flowers-Unicorn party.

Ring around the rosie with fun flower-themed party games

Children’s parties won’t be complete without fun games and exciting activities. You can play the usual party games and simply give them a floral twist like playing a flower-themed song when playing Musical chairs. Other games to try include Longest Garland, Flower Treasure Hunt, Flower Petal Hop. For flower-themed activities, you can have the kids decorate flip-flops, create flower picture frames, decorate clay pots with paint, make Ladybug pets by painting smooth round flat rocks, and make flower jewelry by stringing flower beads. Don’t forget the flower pinata!

Feast on edible flowers

Save the actual edible flowers for the adults’ salad, though. For the children’s snacks, put your flower-shaped cookie cutter on duty. With it, you can easily prepare flower quesadillas, flower pizzas, flower cookies, flower-shaped brownies, and flower-shaped marshmallow cereal treats.  Other snacks like pretzels, chips, or even pasta can be served on flower-themed paper plates or improvised “flowerpots.” If you are interested to learn more about edible flowers check out our blog post titled: Top 10 Edible Flowers to Add Flavor and Beauty to Your Meals.

Looking into serving a healthier party food menu? Serve flower-shaped finger sandwiches. Serve veggie flowers in the form of carrot tulip buds with cucumber leaves. Feeling a little more creative? Prepare Ladybug Caprese Salad with cherry tomatoes, black olives, basil and mozzarella. Partner it with Caterpillar Fruit Kebabs (skewered green grapes and strawberries with candy eyeballs) and Flower Corn on sticks.

For obvious reasons, the dessert table is something you should prepare for. Position the flower-themed birthday cake at the center and surround it with other tasty flower-themed desserts like flower-shaped gummies and marshmallows, cupcakes with floral frosting, mini flower tarts, flower sugar cookies, and of course candy pots.

Go beyond the usual goody bag and send a blooming party favour

Little children will love a potful of candies, that’s for sure. But aside from the usual goody bag filled with the sweetest treats, you can take this opportunity to thank your little guests with a unique party favour that will provide lots of sprouting fun! Consider a complete flower growing kit with a miniature pot, flower seed packets, a mini kid-friendly trowel and a tiny watering can as party favours. A posy or a little bouquet of fresh flowers, with a “Thanks a bunch!” tag, would also make a truly sweet party treat. A box of homemade flower-shaped cookies would also make a nice take-home gift. 


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