Thanksgiving Florals: Decorating with Blooms in Red, Orange and Brown

Thanksgiving Florals: Decorating with Blooms in Red, Orange and Brown

Thanksgiving has its own set of traditions. It also has its own special color scheme: red, orange, and brown. The colors were derived from “The First Thanksgiving” between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, which was set in the autumn. Of course, we all know the autumnal colors are red, orange, yellow, and warm brown.

The Thanksgiving color palette of red, orange, and brown rightfully fits the celebration. Orange is the color of joy, and red is an exciting and motivating shade. Brown represents a connection to nature and is the perfect hue to remind us to remain grounded and grateful.

This year, celebrate this festive holiday with more thought and intention. Recognize the smallest blessings. Express appreciation often, especially to everyone who deserves it. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere, too, that encourages connection.

Use this guide when decorating your space for Thanksgiving and after. Let floral decors in red, orange, and brown evoke the warmth of gatherings and give your home a pleasant, comforting, and welcoming ambiance.

Here is a list of fresh flowers available in the iconic hues of the wonderful celebration of harvest, blessings, and abundance.    

Yellow Daisies

Bright and cheery daisies are popular for Thanksgiving centerpieces. Their foliage-free long stems make them easy to work on arrangements. The large blooms are eye-catching, and yellow gerbera daisies offer a long vase life with proper care.


A no-fail sunny addition to any floral ensemble. Perfect for Thanksgiving when family and friends gather, sunflowers undeniably provide a positive ambiance to any space. It’s a bloom that signifies joy, lasting happiness, good fortune, and positive opportunities.


A symbol of grace, strength, and protection, snapdragons make beautiful and meaningful floral décor for Thanksgiving and every day.

These blooms are available in different shades, too, including yellow, red, burgundy, orange, and bronze. The Snapdragon Rocket Bronze is an excellent variety with multiple flower spikes in gorgeous bronze-orange hues. The Speedy Sonnet Bronze and its fragrant and brightly colored flowers and the attractive Rocket Red and its closely-set blooms are also fantastic choices.

Red and Orange Roses

Capture the sentiment of the holiday with roses in red and orange hues. Their vibrant and energetic hues help create an inviting atmosphere. Plus, they’re easy to find and make great Thanksgiving flowers arrangement gifts.

When it comes to symbolism, they’re packed with meaning. A red rose represents love and deep respect. It isn’t just for romantic love; it is also associated with high esteem, devotion, and admiration for someone. A red rose also symbolizes courage and the willingness to make sacrifices.

Orange roses represent excitement, enthusiasm, and energy. Roses with lighter orange hues convey gratitude and happiness.


The Solidago altissima or goldenrod is suitable for cutting and decorating. Its plume-shaped spray of little blooms is simply irresistible. It pairs well with other blooms and is a versatile filler for floral arrangements. The elegant plums add body, texture, and interest to any ensemble.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let's embrace its rich color palette of red, orange, and brown, each hue carrying deep symbolic meanings. These colors, inspired by the season and the historic First Thanksgiving, are not just aesthetically pleasing but also embody the spirit of the holiday. Red signifies motivation and esteem, orange brings joy and energy, while brown connects us to nature and gratitude. Incorporating these colors through floral decorations like yellow daisies, sunflowers, snapdragons, red and orange roses, and goldenrod can transform our spaces into warm, inviting atmospheres. These blooms not only add beauty but also carry significant meanings, enhancing the spirit of thankfulness, connection, and abundance. This Thanksgiving, let's use these vibrant colors and flowers to express our gratitude and celebrate the blessings of the season.


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