Long Distance Relationships And Blue Flowers


Being stuck at home means one thing – there is no way you can meet with your partner in person. When staying at home means you will be safer then you must find ways on how to keep the fire burning and the love alive while apart.

You can chat online or maybe do a video call ever now and then, but you know what can make it more sweet and original? You can send each other flowers and keep each other company until the time you can embrace personally again.

Flowers have been regarded as symbol of many things, one of which is love and all its repercussions. It can represent the way you miss someone and how you long for them. It can also express an apology in your behalf. Sending flowers is a tradition that has never lost its place regardless of the generation. It continues to connect people despite distance and keeps relationships meaningful and nourished with tender love and care.

So, if you are in a long distance relationship whether with a romantic partner, a family, or a friend and you want to communicate with them in a more personal way – send them flowers! Doing something to abate the feeling of being away is worth everything!

Know your recipient's favorite flowers – Hope you were attentive enough when your recipient mentioned what there favorite flower was, because this kind of information will be totally handy in long distance relationships. Think deep and determine if they are a rose or lily kind of person, or maybe they like the unique ones like hydrangeas and snapdragons? Either way, make sure to send the right flower variant.

Send flowers when they least expect it – Yes, you get to talk everyday and even see each other online regularly and yet you don't mention about sending anything. That is when you send them an awesome flower bouquet with the most aromatic scents. Oh, you would do anything to see the surprised look on their faces!

Add extra gifts for an upgraded kind of fun – Floral gifts are always the best ones to send especially when there is a freebie included. What kind of gift would your loved one prefer? Are they a foodie – the chocolate kind or the healthy kind? Do they like hugs from cuddly stuff toys? Will they love a pamper treat or a different form of relaxation from a drink or two? If you answer YES to any of these questions then it's a must that you pair a flower bouquet with a charming gift item. Ask us for possible add-ons.

Send a ready-for-display flower bouquet – Each bouquet you send should be a keepsake for your recipient. Let them make this memento be a reward for their eyesight. When you send flowers in a vase or in a box, they can display it immediately a soon as they receive it and it will keep them company while you are away from each other.

Include a short but endearing message on the bouquet gift card – A letter from the heart is one of the best partners of a flower bouquet. You can ask help from your florist when you are not that good with words but try your best to think of the message yourself.

Buy twin flower bouquets for the both of you – Buy identical bouquets for you and your sweetheart so even if you are separated from each other, you will still be looking at the same flowers and smelling the same fragrance. It's just like you are together.

Long distance relationships are always a challenge but a worthy one so you should never run out of creative ideas in making your loved one feel cherished no matter how far you are from them. Remember, great relationships come from great sacrifices...and great flowers delivered by your trusted florist!


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