Light Up Your Space With Sunflower Bouquets


There is no other flower that shines as beautifully as a sunflower. This classic yellow blossom never fails to bring sunshine to the dullest of days. This bright and eye-catching flower is sure to make any celebration look and feel more festive and joyous, too. This iconic blossom with fuzzy brown centers and vivid yellow petals has an intense charm that just spreads good vibes and positivity. 

Reminiscent of summer and all the things lovely about summertime, we can all consider sunflower as the feel-good flower. So there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t pick a sunflower arrangement to brighten up rooms in your home and make your living space look and feel more warm and inviting.

To help you infuse a happy mood into your home, here are some sunshine-y sunflower arrangements you can try.

Single Stem in a Bud Vase

Those narrow vases that hold a single stem or a small bouquet are what you need. Buy a bouquet of sunflowers and distribute each stem to each bud vase. Now you can use the sunflowers in bud vases to cheer up different rooms in your home. Add one in the bathroom, in the kitchen counter, in the entryway, and in the bedside table of every bedroom.

Go Country or Contemporary

Display sunflowers on a turquoise ceramic vase for a country look and feel. Use a corrugated metal vase for some rustic charm. For a look fit for your modern farmhouse, use Mason jars or re-use an old tin pitcher as a vessel for your sunflowers and decorate it with a plaid ribbon accent. White pitchers and wine bottles can also be filled with just three to five stems of sunflowers.

When decorating a modern space with beautiful sunflowers, you may want to pick a contemporary vase. Think black and white striped vases, clear glass tall vases, and slim glass rectangle vases. Sculptural vases can also be filled with just a single stem of sunflower for a dramatic look. Tall cylindrical glass vases also work great as vessels for extra large, long-stemmed sunflowers. 

Golden Globe

Use a glass bubble bowl or fish bowl and create a dome of sunflowers. You’ll need to pick a glass bowl with wide-bottom and about a 5-inch mouth. Fill the bowl with fresh curly willow and a packet of flower food then fill half of the bowl with water. Cut the sunflower stems shorter and fill the bowl with sunflowers making sure that the flower heads rest on the bowl’s edge. In between gaps, you can slip in lemon leaves or your preferred foliage. 

Floating Sunshine

Gather broken flower heads and simply float them in a bowl of water. You can create a line of bowls with large single sunflower heads for a striking centerpiece.

Not All Sunflowers Are Yellow

Sunflowers aren’t all yellow. There are varieties with bronze, gold, red, and purple flowers. More than 50 species of sunflowers are available and they differ in color and shape. You can combine different sunflower varieties or use just red or purple ones. The reddish-purple Chianti hybrid makes a great cut flower because it has no pollen. The bi-color Candy Mountain hybrid, on the other hand, makes for a dramatic and sensuous décor given its burgundy-cheery ring and yellow flames. There are also sunflowers with light yellow rays (Lemon Queen), dark brown rays with yellow edges (Shock-o-Lat), and punch red petals with golden edges (Little Becka Hybrid).

Whichever way you choose to display sunflowers, expect your floral creation to be a ray of sunshine in your home.


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