5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents in Your Home


Thinking about getting a houseplant? Go for succulents. You’ll never go wrong with these chubby greens that are easy to grow, space-saving, beautiful and unique.  Here are five more reasons to convince you that eclectic succulents deserve a spot in your home.

Succulents make classy centerpieces.

There’s more to succulents than just the common cacti. This fleshy plant has over 40 different varieties. All have interesting textures and forms. Succulents come in different shapes, sizes, colors and appearance ranging from simply eye-catching to outright flamboyant. When succulents flower, they produce blooms in bold and vibrant colors that truly stand out.

Given succulents’ good looks, you can definitely turn them into gorgeous centerpieces. These high-impact plants require very little maintenance and they’re not picky when it comes to pots. House them in decorative containers like glass jars, pottery bowls, and gold terrariums.

Succulents come in elegant colors.

Succulents are known for their green color but they’re actually available in more vibrant shades. There are succulents in bright red, vivid orange, muted blue, in yellow, purple, white and even black.

Some varieties show a change in their green color when stressed. They turn red, pink, or purple when exposed to sun, or when subjected to temperature between 40 and 600F.  Some succulents also tend to “blush” or change color when they receive a little less water than usual.

Succulents are excellent at removing toxins and cleansing the air.

Succulents give off oxygen at night making them the perfect plant companion in the bedroom. They work as natural air purifiers especially the hardy succulents like aloe and snake plant. Succulents’ rounded leaves are said to have great humidifying effects, too, because they release moisture vapor.

Succulents are low-maintenance.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing and great at purifying air, succulents are also very easy to grow. Keeping them alive is a cinch. Succulents can survive in harsh environments making them perfect for busy bees or those who have yet to grow a green thumb.

Succulents thrive on little water and neglect. All they need is some bright light (not direct light) like from a windowsill and watering when the topsoil feels dry to the touch.

Succulents fit well in any space or home.

Because of their relatively small size, they won’t take much space and are less likely to become an eyesore. They can blend easily in any interior design theme and can complement any room décor. They fit well in any available space and you can grow them to the size of their containers. With the various types of succulents, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to find something to place on a windowsill, on a hanging shelf, in a dim and tall corner, or on an empty spot in your bookcase.

Ready to parent one? We recommend getting a larger succulent as these are less fickle and they don’t dry out as quickly as the mini varieties.  When you get the hang of growing succulents, you’d appreciate its unique beauty even more as you start creating decorative succulent arrangements.


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