5 Easy Ways to Grow White Flowers


Contrary to what many people think, white flowers are not boring. What they lack in color, they make up for with their refined elegance. Blooms in white also have many benefits in the garden. One, they can instantly brighten dark areas in your landscape. Two, the white neutral shade of their petals allow vividly-colored blooms to look even brighter. Three, they can soften the effect of too colorful landscapes and bring balance to loud or too flashy color schemes. Four, white blooms can stand on their own even in their monochromatic tone. Think of an all-white garden and how soothing it would look! 

The next time you go plant shopping, you might want to consider these white-flowering plants. Here are our top 6 picks for the easiest to grow plants with white blossoms.


Also known as periwinkle, vincas are heat and drought-tolerant annuals that requires little attention. They do well in full sun to part shade and in moist but well-drained soil. The Vinca minor ‘Alba’ or white periwinkle, in particular, grows dense and compact and has a spreading habit. You’ll love this plant’s dark green foliage and 5-petaled, single, pure-white flowers that bloom all summer. The look of tiny white blossoms emerging above a carpet of dark green leaves is an enlivening sight. Plant this as edging, ground cover, or border. Vinca plants grow 1-2 feet tall.

Wax Flower

Although native to Australia, wax flowers or Chamelaucium Waxflower can also grow well in hot and dry regions in North America. This easy-to-care for flowering plant has a tolerant nature. Best grown under full sun in well-draining soil, this plant will produce non-stop blooms so you’ll always have fresh cut flowers at home all year round. This is a fast-growing plant with slim deep green foliage that’s almost needle-like in shape. The Chamelaucium uncinatum ‘Album’ produces clusters of 5-petalled white flowers.


Known as false shamrock, Oxalis triangularis is a low-maintenance houseplant that displays attractive clover-like leaves in purple or green. Both produce dainty white-colored trumpet-shaped blooms. This plant needs a rich, well-drained potting mix and bright light. As photophilic plants, oxalis’ leaves open and close in response to light. At night, the leaves neatly fold up then reopens again in the morning light. This bulb-type flowering plant makes for an interesting indoor or outdoor houseplant. You’ll get not just pretty white flowers but also striking and captivating leaves.

Hardy Hibiscus

This is the non-tropical hibiscus with large flowers that can be as big as a plate. Compared with the typical tropical hibiscus you’re most likely be more familiar with, this type of hibiscus have pale green, heart-shaped leaves. Hardy hibiscus are also easier to grow than its tropical counterpart. 

As long as they’re planted in well-draining soil under full sun, you don’t have to worry about their growth. No specific fertilizer required although a general-purpose fertilizer can boost growth and blooming. This flowering plant has single-bloom flowers in red, pink, or white. The Luna White Hibiscus has snow-white flowers with ruby red center. The Snow White Delight hardy hibiscus has crisp and clean all-white blooms. Hibiscus Happa White has 6-8-inch blooms with deep pink center.


This reliable flowering plant won’t make you lose your patience. A shade-garden favorite, this plan grows quickly with very little care. Plant them in moist, well-drained soil. The New Guinea impatiens can tolerate more sun than the standard Impatiens walleriana. If you notice your impatiens feeling impatient with heat, just give some water and watch them perk back up. Take note, however, that as tropical plants, you need to keep them indoors over the colder months as they cannot tolerate even light frost. Pick Impatiens Infinity White if you prefer an easy-to-grow New Guinea impatiens with pure white blossoms that bloom freely all season. Other alternatives will be Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact White, Florific White, and Celebrations White New Guinea Impatiens. For double-flower impatiens, test your green thumb with Impatiens walleriana Rockapulco White, Fiesta White, or Musica Pure White.



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