2022 Very Peri Flower Trends


Pantone’s Very Peri color of the year for 2022 is so fitting for this lockdown age. It’s a carefree hue displaying confidence and boldness and “daring curiosity” as Pantone puts it. This is the first time Pantone created an entirely new color, too; one that is not in its existing catalogue of colors and that makes Very Peri extra special and meaningful. 

Since this is a newly released color, it may be challenging to find products in this tone. The shade can easily be found in nature, though, with bluish-purple flowers and blue-colored birds around us. When it comes to flower arrangements, it’s so easy to incorporate the blue-violet or periwinkle color palette into bouquets and floral designs.      

Among the bluish-purple-tinged cut flowers you can use are coneflowers, Italian and China asters, cyclamens, waxflowers, iris, lilacs (Sryinga vulgaris), rhododendron, lupines, salvia, foxglove, gladiolus, delphiniums, hdyrangeas, and of course lavender. For home gardens, consider planting periwinkle, forget-me-not, perennial geranium, brunnera, pansy, anemone, clematis, bellflower, verbena, wild hyacinth, wisteria, allium, bell heather, and heliotrope.  

Which floral designs will trend for 2022? Our experts predicted Very Peri arrangements that exhibit and evoke the following vibes:

Stunning Simplicity

The elegance of simplicity. Classic will never go out of style. Create a bouquet focusing only on one or two flowers or colors. Fill the ensemble with lots of greens in varying hues, shapes, and textures. 

Think of purples or blue-tinged blooms mixed with whites and rich greens. Pastel arrangements in purplish color palette also deliver a simple but elegant look. 

Non-Trad, Daring and Dried

Dried flowers are gaining popularity and they will still make an appearance this year. Choosing dried flower arrangements allows you to decorate your home in an unconventional way and also practice sustainability. Dried flower gifts also make perfect presents all year round. 

Examples of blooms that make gorgeous dried flowers are Drumstick Allium, Salvia farinacea, Cornflower, Cardoon, Siberian Iris, Lavender, Gayfeather, Statice, Verbena bonariensis, Bluebell, Globe Thistle, Viola, and Ageratum houstonianum.

Bold, Bright, and Beautiful

Vibrant and vivid arrangements adorned with periwinkle-colored blooms will also make an appearance. Think of periwinkle Cattleya Orchids mixed with large white roses and lilies, eye-catching irises and lilies in their purple and yellow palette. Blooms in Very Peri shade will also blend well with richer purples, deep reds, and hot pinks. 

In floristry, 2022’s Very Peri gives us the energy and encouragement to think outside the box, use our imagination, break norms, and unleash our creativity. With the pandemic putting us all in an unusual circumstance, this year is truly the time for us to embrace change, open ourselves to possibilities, and view our future in a new light – with this beautiful blend of blue tones and red-violet to serve as a reminder. Expect this rich and dynamic periwinkle hue influence fashion, home decor, product packaging, graphic design, and industrial design. Let Very Peri-inspired florals be a reminder for every one of us to maintain a joyous attitude, a courageous heart, and an imaginative spirit as we welcome change and move forward for growth.  


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