10 Orange Flowers To Add To Your Garden


10 Orange Flowers to Add To Your Garden

Think your yard could use a burst of zesty freshness?  Effortlessly inject a good dose of joy and cheer into your landscape with the vibrant tone of orange flowers. 

Orange is a bright, happy, energetic, and attention-grabbing color.  When combined with the uplifting charm of fresh flowers, orange flowers are sure to radiate positivity and good vibes.  So if you see your garden as looking a bit dull or needing some boost of color or a new life, consider planting orange flowers. 

Here are ten orange-colored blossoms you can count on to add playfulness, vibrancy, and excitement to your landscape. 


Orange Lily

The orange Lily or Lilium bulbiferum is also known as Fire Lily.  It features simple and broad leaves with showy trumpet-shaped blossoms that make good cut flowers.  This is an easy lily to grow as it can thrive both on containers and the ground. 



Admired for its rounded clusters of brightly colored flowers, the lantana plant guarantees you nonstop color throughout its growing season.  Among the cheerful orange Lantana varieties you can grow are Lantana Bandana Orange, Luscious Citrus Blend, Lantana Simon Orange, and Lantana Radiation. 



Fill hanging baskets and borders with orange pansies and watch your garden come alive.  This short-lived perennial promises you blooms with a whimsical vibe and a brilliant hue.  Consider the extra large Viola x wittrockiana Matrix Orange Pansy, the Panola Deep Orange Pansy, or the pumpkin-orange Frizzle Sizzle Orange pansy. 


From the iris family is Crocosmia or montbretia.  The Crocosmia ‘Orange Devil’ produces clumps of sword-shaped leaves topped with bright red-orange, upward-facing, and trumpet-shaped flowers.   This flowering plant attracts hummingbirds. 



Queeny Orange, Orange King, Profusion Orange, Double Zahara, and Zesty Orange Zinnia are extraordinary orange zinnias you can include in your garden.  They make impressive container flowers and can also be positioned as borders.  You’ll also love their incredible vase life. 


Bird of Paradise

If you’d like to add a bit of character to your landscape, consider the Orange Bird of Paradise.  This nature’s work of art features a bird-shaped silhouette.  This flowering plant likes part sun best but can also grow in full sun. 

Trumpet Vine

Campsis radicans in orange will give your garden a beautiful pop of color.  This fast-growing flowering plant will provide you with color and beauty for decades when placed in a favorable location.  Consider the aggressive grower Crimson Trumpet for its bright red-orange blooms or the hardy Indian Summer cultivar for its yellow-orange blossoms. 


Mexican Sunflower

This ornamental flower from the daisy family is scientifically known as Tithonia rotundifolia.  Easy to grow, this plant produces solitary flowers in bright red to orange color, with a yellow central disk.  The flower attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.  Mexican Sunflowers make eye-catching cut flowers. 



Want an orange blossom that’s particularly showy?  Go for gladiolus.  The Prince of Orange cultivar has tangerine blossoms while the Gladiolus Orange Splendor has burnt orange and yellow blossoms.  This flower is ideal for cutting.  They are perfect for beds, borders, and even containers. 



Orange-colored dahlias make brilliant additions to any landscape.  A showstopping dinner plate variety is the Dahlia Mango Madness which showcases long orange petals with salmon, pink, or even bronze undertones.  There is also the anemone-flowered orange-and-pink Totally Tangerine dahlia that’s exceptionally gorgeous with its soft-pink petals encircling a central rust-orange florets center.  For miniature dahlias, there’s Helen’s Little Orange, Jowey Nicky, and the Dahlia Orange Nugget. 


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