Finest Flowers for Unsung Female Heroes


In celebration of the International Women’s Month, women around the world are acknowledged for their achievements and commended for their contributions in the society. There may be several women fixtures in your life that you give importance to every day like your mother, sister, aunt, grandma, girl pal, and of course, your girlfriend or wife. However, there are other women you might miss to appreciate.

Use this opportunity to thank the women who have always helped the community but are not widely thanked for their efforts. Send them flowers with a short note expressing your gratitude because in one way or another, they made the world a better place to live in.

Give flowers to women heroes not because it is a symbol of femininity but because flowers are an emblem of the beauty and strength of each woman.

The colleague who always buys you coffee – She always tells you how many minutes you are late, not to judge but to make you feel better with a cup of coffee she bought for you. Her kindness makes your time at work lighter especially when she helps you out with your tasks without conditions.

Flower for her kindness: Tropical anthurium flowers best represent kindness. The rarity of its kind as an exotic flowers best describes how a kind heart shines in the middle of a busy workplace – just like your colleague’s.

Your teacher in school who protected you from bullies – Your young heart learned strength when you saw how your teacher kept you safe from bullies. Her beauty truly shined from within and you remember her as your personal angel in shining armour making you feel safe and loved when you were younger.

Flower for her affection: Carnations are the flower form of your teacher’s heart. It blushes in pink and expresses love in reds. She might have gotten older through the years but her smile remains the freshest in your heart and mind.

The friend who volunteers in the community – It’s always a wonder how she juggles her work life, personal life, and volunteer life all at once, she even gets to meet you every once in a while! Her enthusiasm to help without asking any in return is praiseworthy and it inspires you the fullest!

Flower for her dedication – Dahlias are an epitome of grace under pressure and keeping the balance in life. Like your friend, dahlias exude a vibrancy that greatly emanates wherever they are of. Rain or shine, they are always on the go, spreading sunshine.

The single mother who works all day – She’s your neighbour and you can tell how busy her routine can get from the time she wakes up and goes to work  to the moment she decides to rest after all her children have already slept. What she does is beyond admirable and it makes you value your mother and all the mothers in the world more.

Flower for their strength – The strength of a woman is illuminated more when a woman becomes a mother. Gladiolus flowers represent a resilient character and someone whose only option is not to give up. The many colors of this flower show how many hats a mother wears to express love for her children.

The random woman who always smiles at you – Your trip to work is a joy to have because of the old lady who always gives you a cheery smile whenever you pass by. She does this everyday not only to you but also to other people she interacts with. What good did you do to deserve her light? Anyway, you just want to thank her.

Flower for their luminous optimism – This wonderful lady deserves all the good things in life and a bouquet of yellow roses – as bright as her contagious smile.

Women and flowers are the same – the world can’t live without them! Show women some love with a beautiful bouquet today! 


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