A Mother’s Day Bouquet for Every Mom Personality Color


Running out of ideas on what to give on Mother’s Day?  Whether you’re celebrating your mother, the mom of your children, Grandma, or someone who’s always been mother-like to you, you won’t go wrong with a fresh flower gift.  But this year, give your bouquet choice some thought and intentionally pick one that best mirrors the mom-recipient’s personality.  How do you do this?

Consider personality colors.  There are different types of moms based on their personalities.  Read on and find out which bouquet color suits your loved one best.

Red Mom.  She likes to be in charge.  Her dominant personality makes her a natural leader who can take on any responsibility.  The family’s goal-setter, she has a vision for the family’s future.  Celebrate her bold strength and unique feminine power with a fiery display of fresh-cut blooms.  Consider flower arrangements in red-orange color tones.

Examples of blooms available in vivid shades of red include amaryllis, alstroemeria, zinnia, lily, tulips, gerbera daisy, peony, dahlia, azalea, ranunculus and of course rose.  For orange flowers, you have begonia, bird of paradise, marigold, daylily, alstroemeria, and zinnia.

Yellow Mom.  This mother never fails to look for the fun in life.  She’s not the type who takes things too seriously.  Like a ray of sunshine, she’s charismatic, and she naturally draws people towards her with her cheerfulness and optimism.  She is your sociable and expressive mom.  Her relaxed approach to life is her trademark. 

Yellow cut flowers include daffodil, Black-Eyed Susan, sunflowers, tulip, gerbera daisy, dahlia, Asiatic lily, Craspedia billy balls, calla lily, daisy, and roses.

Blue Mom.  A conservative mom who isn’t impulsive.  She’d rather be in the background than draw attention to herself.  She thinks before she speaks.  She takes time to process and share her feelings.  A blue mom is sincere and sentimental.

Dainty and dreamy flower arrangements may appeal to her the most.  Consider vintage-inspired floral displays or cottage garden-themed flower arrangements.  A bouquet of purple and blue-tinged flowers would also be perfect.  Fresh-cut blooms in gorgeous blue shades include delphinium, love-in-a-mist, aster, hydrangea, lily-of-the-nile, globe thistle, forget-me-not, grape hyacinth, sweet pea, and lupine.

Green Mom.  Your patient and peace-loving mom.  Like the color representing plants, nature, and growth, her green personality speaks of her diplomatic ways, generous spirit, and calm and nurturing nature.  A mother with a green personality temperament tends to be cool, logical, and analytical.

When choosing a bouquet for a mom with a green personality temperament, lean towards floral arrangements with a zen appeal.  If she has a green thumb, get her a new plant baby.  Think plants and bouquets with muted or pastel colors.  Bells of Ireland, dianthus, calla lily, chrysanthemum, carnation, orchids, gladiolus, and hydrangea all come with green blooms.

Of course, you can always go for a bouquet with her favorite flowers (if you know them).  Likewise, you can get a floral ensemble with mixed blooms in her favorite color.  Feel free to add a non-floral gift you think she’ll love.  What’s important is that her role is recognized and honored on this special day, and that you get to thank her and show her how much she’s appreciated. 


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