A Guide To Sending Flowers to Her Workplace


Surprising your special someone with a fresh flower delivery at her workplace is undoubtedly a sweet and thoughtful gesture. Such spontaneity and unpredictability heighten the excitement in your relationship. Your gift will surely make your partner feel good, but sometimes it comes with a bit of uneasiness and embarrassment. Of course, you may want to consider too how your partner will handle the awkwardness.

To ensure that your bouquet gift will only bring good, sweet, positive vibes to your beloved, consider these factors when sending flowers to her place of work.

Her Personality

This plays an important role when deciding whether you’ll send flowers to her workplace or not. Your gift is for her, the sweet gesture is for her, so make sure it is HER that you have in mind first. By that we mean considering her feelings. How would she react when she gets a showy present?

Is she more of an introvert type who hates anything that will put her in the spotlight? Would she rather keep her personal life separate from work? Will she appreciate if her co-workers comment or ask questions about her relationship?

Her Office’s Work Environment

Another important factor to consider is her office’s policy in gift-giving and personal gift deliveries. Some workplaces have very strict standards and would not allow any form of delivery beyond what the business expects. Some companies require notification prior to delivery.

You may want to ask yourself these:

Does she work in a relaxed environment or a formal environment where flowers may appear disruptive? You see, if she works in a building with security doors and intercom system, your lady will surely feel embarrassed from being paged about a flower gift that she needs to pick-up at the reception.

Does she have her own desk for her to set the flowers?

The Occasion

Sending flowers to a workplace is more favorable on some occasions. Some workplaces may allow flower gift deliveries during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

If you have no problems with her work environment and you’re 101% sure your significant other will appreciate an unexpected flower gift sent to her at work, it’s best that you get a flower gift on a random, non-occasion day. The impact will be more unforgettable when you send a gift out-of-the-blue, or for no specific or extra special reason other than to make her feel loved.

The Right Flower Type and Bouquet Size

Again, order flowers with your girl and her office in mind. This entails selecting a floral gift that’s office-appropriate in terms of size, scent, and look. If your partner is working within a small cubicle or if her desk is already crowded with paperwork, go for a smaller arrangement.

Because your lady isn’t the only person in the office who will see and smell the flowers, go for a floral ensemble that won’t trigger any pollen allergies or scent sensitivities. Opt for low-pollen blooms and unscented flowers like tulips, Asiatic lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, daffodils, and roses.  

You may also want to add a vase so she can display your gift in her work table. Go for a hardy flower, too; one that won’t die quickly in an enclosed, airconditioned room. Consider sending the bouquet at the beginning of the week so your significant other has the entire week to admire and show off your gift. 


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