Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories

Someone special is now gone. They lived a life of good works, they worked hard and were admired by their community, and they were loved and cherished by their family. Their loved ones and dear friends are in despair and in the throes of grief. It is time to honor this person and to send your thoughts and love to the family. A beautiful way to do that is with a sympathy bouquet. As the family is shedding tears they will look upon this elegantly put together arrangement of flowers and think of the one they lost with pride and love. What a lovely way to pay tribute.

Cherished Memories is an artfully created one sided bouquet that extends upwards and out in a grand and majestic way. This aesthetically pleasing collection of flowers include sweet purple and green carnations, gorgeous green gladioli, bells of Ireland, lavender spider chrysanthemums, purple sinuate statice, and lush foliage. These beautiful blooms are carefully placed in a decorative tribute urn. A simply spendid bouquet.

We are available to assist you in delivering this special bouquet. We can send it to the church, religious building, funeral home, or wherever you prefer to have it sent. We want to make this day as simple and easy on everyone involved. We do offer same day delivery if needed.

Lily's Florist Tip: To help give these blooms a longer life add a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of vinegar. The sugar nourishes the blooms while the vinegar inhibits growth of bacteria in the vase.



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