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What You Need to Know When Sending Birthday Flowers


Flowers are good birthday gifts, no doubt. They’re beautiful, eye-catching, mood-lifting, and can be meaningful. Their natural charm makes any day feel brighter. This time-honored classic never goes out of style and never fails. You can always count on the power of flowers to make people feel loved, appreciated, and celebrated.

They’re convenient to order and send, too, specially to loved ones who are miles away from you. So, when a loved one’s birthday is coming near, don’t hesitate to pick a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers as your gift.  Just make sure you remember these key points when sending birthday flowers so that your blooming present comes out perfect.

Order in advance.

The purpose of sending a gift is to let a loved one know that she’s special, important, and never forgotten. So when you intend to send flowers to send birthday greetings, make sure you send them on time. Order flowers ahead so you don’t miss to send birthday wishes to your loved ones. This is especially important when the birthday falls on a holiday or an occasion everyone celebrates like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Ordering ahead allows you to secure a delivery slot and ensures that your loved one will get her fresh flowers on her special day.

Make it personal.

The cliché “it’s the thought that counts” still holds true. When choosing flowers as birthday gifts, or any gift for that matter, the effort and thought you put into selecting them matters the most. Don’t worry, exerting effort and putting thought doesn’t mean it will entail a lot of work. There are many easy ways to make your flower gift more personal.

You can choose a bouquet filled with the recipient’s favorite flowers. Such gift implies that you notice and remember what the recipient likes. If you don’t know her favorite flowers, you can go with blooms in her favorite colors.

You can choose a bouquet with a sentimental value. Think of the first bouquet you gave to her; or the flowers on the table where you had your first date. It could also be the flower on the dress she wore when you first noticed her, or the flower that reminds you of her.

You can also pick a bouquet designed with her birth flowers. January-borns’ birthday flower is carnation. It’s violet or iris for February and daffodil for March. People born in the month of April has sweet pea as their birth flower. Lily of the Valley is for May and honeysuckle is for June. July celebrators have larkspur as their birth flower and it’s gladiolus for August. September-borns’ birth flower is sister while it’s marigold for October. Then, it’s chrysanthemum for November and poinsettia for December.

Then there’s also the language of flowers that you can consider. Get a birthday flower gift that best expresses your wishes for the recipient. Salvia means you’re thinking of her while pink carnations say that she’ll always be remembered. Amaryllis signifies pride and is perfect for expressing how proud you are of knowing or being friends with the recipient. Daffodils represent new beginnings. For a far away friend celebrating her birthday, a bouquet with zinnias say that your bond is still strong despite the distance.

You can also add extra gifts like chocolates to satisfy her sweet tooth. Teddy bears, elegant glass vases, and champagne can also be added as extra treats.

Match the occasion’s mood.

A birthday is a joyous occasion so make sure you pick a flower gift that looks and feels festive and celebratory. Think of large sunflowers or Black Eyed Susans, a multicolored bouquet of roses, or a red-orange-yellow ensemble of large head flowers in season. Consider flowers with vibrant tones like hot pink roses, magenta dianthus, fuchsia dahlias, yellow mums, two-toned red-yellow marigolds, bright orange snapdragons, deep blue-violet irises, and purple spider mums.

This doesn’t mean you only have to pick bold and bright flower arrangements, though. Dreamy, pastel bouquets can also look cheerful if designed right.

Include a heartfelt note.

Bring more meaning to your gift by preparing a short note to go with your flower gift. A short message that comes from your heart would be enough to make the recipient feel your presence and your love. What to write on a birthday greeting card? You can write a compliment, a funny anecdote, a story or memory with her, or your wishes for the birthday girl. 


My wife and I wanted to send flowers for a family birthday in Frisco Texas. Lily's was listed in *Frisco Texas*. We ordered a bouquet on 2/16/2021 to be delivered on Saturday, 2/27/2021 since Lily's doesn't make Sunday deliveries. Come late Saturday, we had no news of the delivery. We called Lily's and only reached an answering service. We called again later on Saturday, during their "business hours", and again today on Monday. Each time, we have a corporate answering service that will presumably relay "a message". Looking online, we found another phone number for Lily's, but only found the same answering service. Don't be fooled by their "local florist" recording, they are listed as being located in Santa Barbara, CA. Waiting to see if we will ever reach a human being or receive a refund. The birthday has come and GONE.