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Bee Happy

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Send cheer with this brightly colored and very happy bouquet.

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Do you have a friend or loved one in your life who has been having a rotten time? Things are not going their way lately and they have been feeling overwhelmed and sad? If you are trying to find a way to remind them that things will get better and that they have someone who cares to lean on then this bouquet could be for you. This adorable brightly colored bouquet with a funny little stuffed bee sitting in the middle will bring cheer and a little chuckle to the one who needs it.

The main stars, besides the adorable bee, are yellow sunflowers and snow white daisies. These sunshine filled blooms create such joy and splendor that they will delight your intended. Plus the bee will be a lovely little stuffed friend to cuddle when feeling down. What a splendid way to make someone feel better.

We can help with delivery. We can get this bouquet to your intended's home to bring cheer, we can get it to the hospital if they are feeling sick or have been injured, and of course we can bring this sunshine filled bouquet to their place of work. We are more then happy to do what we can. Also we offer same day delivery on bouquets that are requested by 2 pm.

Lily's Florist Tip: Replacing the water every few days is a great way to keep the flowers fresh. We also recommend a little sugar and a drop of bleach. The sugar will help to feed the flowers while the bleach will fight off any bacteria that grows in the vase.

Premium Size: 18"H x 12"W

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